Christian Lee (Secretary)

Hi! I’m Christian Lee and I am running to be your secretary for next year. There are many reasons for why I want to be a member of the student council, but I am truly passionate about three main reasons. My first motivation is fellowship among the community of the school. Edison High School is such a diverse place where every person contributes differently to our school. I feel if I were a leader amongst this crowd, I would be immersed in the environment and create new events to showcase the cultural diversity in the school. I often yearn for an outlet where I can convey the voices of people who want to be heard. I also feel strongly about the reputation of our school. All the students contribute differently to the culture at Edison High, and there should be a better way to display the talents and excellence that our school has. Although it may seem stereotypical to say I want to change things in the school, I truly am passionate about bringing out the best in the student body. Student council is extremely important to our school, and I have the necessary qualities to build an amazing year.

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