Kathleen Shipman (Secretary)

Hi! I’m Katie Shipman and I am a current junior and three-year general student council member running for the general STUCO secretary position. Throughout my three years, at EHS, student council has always been a way that I have stayed involved with our school community. Over these past few years, I have looked up to the board members and admired how they have led the school, and kept students involved, even throughout the school closures due to COVID. However, due to the lack of presence in the building, some of our school’s spirit has been diminished. As secretary, I would ensure that all of our events and fundraisers are properly organized and planned in order to ensure that all of our student body could be involved, creating further connections between the classes, and raising school spirit. I think that this would be beneficial to our school community, as it would lead our underclassmen in the right direction to continue the legacy of EHS. Overall, as secretary, I want to help to make EHS a welcoming and open place where all students’ voices can be heard, in order to provide a fun and engaging environment for all to enjoy. 

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