Diti Bompally (Secretary)

Hi! I’m Diti Bompally running to be your next STUCO secretary! I am truly passionate about being a member on board and making a change in this school. My leadership qualities, along with my skills of organization can make the school a better place. I believe that the board should take the ideas of students into consideration and spread their own as well to create beautiful bonds and great communication between us. I believe in spreading every student’s ideas uniquely to the community at Edison High to showcase our school’s abilities and accomplishments. I believe in carrying out messages from all the students; the students that make this school an amazing place and an amazing environment. I am impassioned to bring out the great in STUCO by having a board that is supportive of student opinions to ensure a bright future for the school. Student Council is a way for me to express my ideas and creativity knowing that what I am dreaming of can come to life. With Student council being an important part of my life I know, I have what it takes to be your next Secretary. Make sure to vote for me for a brighter year!

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