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The Eagle's Eye

The Eagle's Eye

The E-Sports center, located at the back of the media center, features new equipment for eSports. Photo credit: Alyson Zhang.

Entertaining, Enterprising, Educational: E3 Arena to Open at EHS

Anyone who has been in the Edison High School Media Center this school year may have noticed some major changes. The back corner of the library has been renovated and is now the “Edison HS Eagles Esports Arena,” or the E3...

Ms. Gina Corsun (at right) with her husband, Mr. Ken Corsun, on their motorcycle tour of Europe. Photo credit: Ms. Gina Corsun.

Teacher By Day, Tourist By Night: Gina Corsun

HEMA VIKRAM ’24 November 19, 2021

Throughout our lives we meet and interact with thousands of people — people that build us up, people that break us down, and people who seem to have little impact on our lives. Meeting people is what makes traveling so special...

Cheerleading: More Than Reaches The Eyes

CHISOM IHEZUE ‘23 November 19, 2021

Cheerleading is a popular activity, with over twenty cheerleading teams in New Jersey alone and over three hundred cheer teams in the United States. However, not many people consider it a sport, yet just like every other sport,...

from Abhinav Arya 22

Senior Of The Month: Aditya Modi

Aditya Modi ‘22, September’s Senior of The Month, pushed through high school borrowing Walmart’s motto: “Save money. Live better.” As part of the STEM Academy, Modi started his high school journey in a rigorous place....

Illustrated by Mithil Mishra

A Fresh New World for Freshmen

AKILAN MANIVANNAN ‘22 and JERRY CHEN ‘22 November 19, 2021

With the return to in-person school learning, there were many new faces entering the school. Amongst the many groups of people was the incoming freshmen class. For many of them, the last time they were in a physical school setting...

Created by Sivaragha Buddana 22

Happy-yet-Hesitant Parents Send Students Back to School

SAHANA ALI ‘23 and AVA YAP ‘23 November 19, 2021

Overcrowding in Edison schools has been a looming problem throughout the past decade and the district has yet to take action. In 2020, Edison parents created a $183.2 million school referendum that addressed overcrowding in the...

From Film Club

The Fall Pep Rally: Moving Towards Normality

JAYESH CHAURASIA ‘23 and MAHA MUSTENSIR ‘23 November 19, 2021

On October 15, Edison High School held its first pep rally since 2019. Held at the Matthew J. Drwal Stadium, students made their way to the red-and-yellow decorated bleachers. With school spirit at an all-time high and a successful...

Drawn by Alyson Zhang 22

Overcrowding: A Student’s Account

Swarmed with wide-eyed, bushy-tailed freshmen, jittery teachers, and frisky couples, overcrowded hallways have become the second ‘epidemic’ of COVID-19. Harboring two and a half thousand students, Edison High School retains...

Created by Gabrielle Dharmawan

Mayoral Election Brings Hope for Resolution of Overcrowding

SOUMYA JOSHI ‘24 and HEMA VIKRAM ‘24 November 19, 2021

The slight brushing of skin in the four-way intersection, the clamor of maskless students in the cafeteria, and the lack of space in certain classrooms highlight the issue of overcrowding in our schools. This problem can be...

The EHS football team plays against Piscataway during the Homecoming game. 

Photo credit: Nicholas Nguyen 23

Touchdown: The Football Season in Review

DEREK DUDEK ‘25 November 19, 2021

“Eagle!!!  Rumble!!!” Whether we’re being annihilated by Colonia or pulverizing J.P. Stevens, the energy from the fans is always relentlessly electric. Fueled by the marching band and cheerleaders, the atmosphere never...

Photos taken by the author: Anshika Dubey 23

Girls Tennis a Smash Hit

ANSHIKA DUBEY ’23 and SARINA AHMED ‘23 November 19, 2021

The Girls Tennis team recently concluded an unprecedented season—a new coach, an influx of new players, and a history-making finish that resulted in their first-ever division championship banner. With the pandemic restrictions...

Created by Sivaragha Buddana

Should We Put a Delay on The Delayed Opening?

SIVARAGHA BUDDANA '22 and MANINDER DHESI '22 November 19, 2021

After participating in a full year of online learning, students returned to an in-person setting on September 1. Instead of the traditional start time of 7:40, the first day of school started at 9:40 with the traditional delayed...

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