Jeremy Hur (President)

The writers at The Eagle’s Eye have graciously offered me an opportunity to influence your vote through the power of language, an offer that I will gladly accept. A little introduction is necessary: I’m currently a junior at the STEM Academy, and I involve myself with various clubs, groups, and pastimes in and out of school. I play the violin for our Chamber Orchestra, study various fine arts (classical music, paintings, and the sorts), and I’m even a competitive typist (ranked #1337 worldwide as of writing)! I also like cats. Obviously, similar avocations are had by my fellow candidates, but where we truly deviate is in our perspectives and approaches. I believe I speak for many of us when I say that currently, student council decisions leave the greater student body largely uninvolved, which is regressive and counterintuitive. My decision to run was the result of diminishing patience and a deep desire to bring about substantial change. As the extent of the pandemic wanes, I wish to revive our school spirit and organize events with a fresh perspective. With the election date approaching, I’m not giving away copious amounts of candy, and I’m certainly not spending hours making campaign posters that look like album covers, but I do have heavy faith in my ability to represent almost everyone at Edison High accurately, without negligence, and most importantly, with passion.

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