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Many eligible seniors face the dilemma of adding classes to their schedule or enjoying a change to the typical school day.

Walk in Late, Walk out Early

RIDHDI NARKHEDE ‘24 February 28, 2024

Don’t want to stay in school the whole day? Then don’t! Early release and late arrival are popular among upperclassmen at EHS. Juniors are able to take 12th period early release if they don’t have a full schedule. Seniors...

Starlighters at 43rd Annual Recital

Local Studio Dances Through Decades

KATARINA MOUKAZIS '24 February 23, 2024

EDISON—Yvonne’s School of Dance has been educating students in Middlesex County in the art of dance for the past 44 years, but how much do you know about the iconic dance school located in Edison, New Jersey? The studio...

With an increasing number of colleges adopting test-optional policies, students face an important question: “Now what makes me stand out?”

Exploring the Impact of Test-Optional Policies

RIDHA MIRZA '24, Staff Writer February 21, 2024

The beginning of senior year is filled with college application stress, and with applying comes time to send out scores for the SAT, the College Board’s Scholastic Aptitude Test. In the evolving landscape of higher education,...

EHS students undergo stress as months get colder and darker.

Colorful Summer to a Gray Winter

ALEENA PEREZ '27, Staff Writer February 21, 2024

Winter is often associated with cold, cloudy, and gray, so for many it’s a season of sadness.   Students at EHS are experiencing an uncomfortable and exhausting sadness due to the frigid winter months, leaving them with...

Dean Lee 26 (left) and Vivien Lee 25 (right) as kids holding blocks of snow

Winter’s Whispers

This January, Edison High students experienced their first snow day in over two years. Ever since they started school, children of all ages could not wait for the wintertime for the chance of a long-awaited surprise to stay...

The social media platform TikTok has reached the peak of its popularity; however, like everything else in the world, this fame has many flaws.

TikTok: Boon to or Bane of Gen Z’s Existence?

ZEYNEP KACAN '26, Staff Writer February 19, 2024

Everyone knows the infamous social media platform, TikTok, has greatly impacted our world, but is it beneficial or detrimental? Does TikTok help people become more aware of ongoing issues? Does TikTok give us cancer like our moms...

The Evolution of Lunar New Year

From Past to Present: Ushering in the Year of the Dragon

This February 10, many Edison High students looked forward to spending time with loved ones, embracing long-standing traditions, and wishing for good luck to commemorate the Lunar New Year. Throughout history, the holiday was...

A student sleeps during a test: Would the time of day make a difference?

Morning or Afternoon Classes

JURLYNN BLAISE ‘27, Staff Writer February 15, 2024

Here at Edison High, students attend classes from 7:40 a.m. until 2:30 a.m. Student performances change throughout the day, and teachers seem to notice a difference.  In classes, teachers try to engage and gather the attention...

Valentines Day traditions and ways of celebrating are constantly evolving to this day.

From Past to Present: The Day of Love

This February 14, many EHS students look forward to showing affection to their loved ones, celebrating with friends, and attending parties to commemorate Valentine’s Day. In the past, the holiday has been celebrated for a variety...

A group of friends collaborate at a local café.

Edison’s Third Place, But Did It Ever Exist?

DOHA AFIFI ‘24, Staff Writer January 31, 2024

From the first bell at 7:40 in the morning to the last bell at 2:30 in the afternoon, students at EHS are confined within the walls of the building. After that, the students have freedom over Edison. When the final bell rings,...

Scholarship opportunities are all around us; we just need to look in the right places!

Last Ticket to Board the Scholarship!

Everyone wants to save money, and many students have the opportunity to do so through scholarships. Scholarships provide money to students, which they can then use to fund their college education. As the cost of tuition continues...

How has the celebration of a New Year evolved over several eras?

From Past to Present: The Dusk of the Old and the Dawn of a New Year

This January 1, EHS students spent time with family and friends, watched events on TV, and traveled to commemorate the start to 2024. However, this holiday has been celebrated on many different dates and in many different ways...

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