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The Eagle's Eye

The Eagle's Eye


There 12 Western astrological zodiac signs, each with a corresponding symbol, birthdate range, and tendencies.

EHS’ Take on Zodiac Signs

Did you know that the oldest horoscope we know is from 410 B.C?  Many people today follow horoscopes because they want information about themselves or what they should do. Astrology has two different kinds, western astrology,...

Springing Into a New Marking Period

SUSHANTH BALARAMAN '24 April 28, 2022

As the smells of spring blossoms and gentle winds cover the Western Hemisphere, we can safely say that cold, long winter nights are finally behind us.  For Edison High, the Spring Equinox is a return back to more warm and...

As climate change becomes a more significant problem, farming becomes more difficult.

Climate Change Threatens Fresh Food Supply

GABRIELLE DHARMAWAN '25 April 28, 2022

Many of us have complained about eating vegetables when we were younger. Some vegetables had a strange taste, while others were simply too plain. While climate change was more controlled, purchasing healthier foods was easily...

Non-Fungible Tokens: the New Realm of Cryptocurrency

ARCHANA MARYADA '25 April 28, 2022

Imagine a world where instead of buying a piece of artwork you see at a museum, you buy a digital file of it. This has now become reality with the rise of NFTS. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset that allows digital...

A person helping a girl out of an abyss.

Rebirth and Growth Despite Challenges

DIVYA KRISHNA '25 and TWISHA PATEL '25 April 28, 2022

Enduring struggles is a familiar task that a myriad of students have dealt with. From seasonal depression to abrupt changes into a new environment, this year has proved to be challenging yet rewarding to most. The fruit of our...

Frantically trying to keep emotions together and not break down while preparing for a test.

Coping with Change

ANSHIKA DUBEY '23 April 28, 2022

In the process of adjusting to Covid-19’s chaos, students were mandated to return back to crowded schools. This change evoked happiness for some and anxiety for others. Additionally, students encounter many changes in their...

A girl contemplating whether or not she should go vegan.

Is Veganism Hurting the Environment?

LAUREN DICK '22 and HANNAH STEINLAUF '22 April 28, 2022

Since the 1950s, veganism has been growing in the middle class as an environmentally friendly, pro-animal diet. Because of recent studies showing the harmful environmental impacts of the meat and dairy industries, many young adults...

Love for all cultures signified by hands of different races around the Earth.

The Edison High Melting Pot: Loving Your Culture on Valentine’s Day

SUSHANTH BALARAMAN ‘24 February 14, 2022

Super-sugary sweets, rosy red ribbons, graciously gratifying gifts  -- oh my! As Valentine’s Day approaches around the globe, from the Philippines in the East to Argentina in the West, a loving air scents the earth.  Valentine’s...

A heart hugging itself that is growing to recognize self-value in human hands. Self-love will only develop if it is driven by our support.

Cultivating Self Acceptance, Not Love of Self

You’re contentedly scrolling through your Instagram feed, admiring the art and self-expression until you come across one post—an advertisement of an exercise app that promotes the “perfect body”: slim, hourglass shapes...

Two people embrace in a heart with a background of love in different languages.

Relationships in the Nest

AVA YAP ‘23 February 14, 2022

As young adults reach high school, they are introduced to a new sphere of people. Students who told their parents in 6th grade that they will never ever date get older and start to form crushes on peers or friends that may make...

Hands surround a crystal heart labeled TEACHERS to show support for teachers.


HANNAH STEINLAUF '22 February 14, 2022

The teachers I’ve had throughout my high school career have shown me nothing but kindness and generosity. Going to school at Edison High has given me so many opportunities to meet life-changing teachers who not only care about...

Social media only shows the good side of relationships.

Dating in a Digital Age: A Tradeoff Between Likes and Love

Adorned with candid photographs of picnic dates and candlelight dinners and inspirational quotes about soulmates from hopeful “singles,” social media during the month of February is a breeding ground for disappointment and...

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