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Disregarding the words and phrases you say can lead to unwanted consequences.

It’s Not Just a Joke: Why We Should Stop Saying “I Want to KMS”

GABRIELLE DHARMAWAN '25, Features Editor June 2, 2023

“I’m so OCD.” “This gives me PTSD.” “That test was so hard, I want to-” Phrases like these are easy to hear in the cacophony of noise at Edison High. Whether it be heard from classmates, friends, or even...

A student struggles to open a polluted and vandalized bathroom that is locked.

EHS’s Bothersome Bathroom Burden

SAMARRA SARAVANAN ‘24, Staff Writer April 14, 2023

Asking students about their experience with the bathrooms at Edison High School is guaranteed to bring out disgust and groans. The pungent odor of vape, the sight of toilet paper strewn across the floor, and the shrieks of teenagers...

The second amendment is controversial and debatable.

Freedom and Firearms: A Hot Take on the 2nd Amendment

AATISH MURTHY ‘26 April 14, 2023

The United States was established on the idea of individual rights and freedom; such concepts awaken the patriot within all American citizens. However, with these rights come controversies and arguments for opposing sides that...

A diverse population and an influential pop culture raises questions about shaping identity at EHS.

Brown Boys: Victims of Identity Crises or Perpetrators of Cultural Appropriation?

ALAINA SHINDE ‘26 and ISHANI BAKSHI ‘26 April 13, 2023

While scrolling through Instagram stories, it is certainly hard to miss the sheer amount of photos of our mostly South Asian peers at the tri-state area concerts for NAV’s recent Never Sleep tour. NAV, an Indian-Canadian himself,...

The addition of an ASL elective at Edison High School may allow students to bridge the gap between the hearing and the non-hearing world.

EHS Needs ASL. Here’s Why.

SOUMYA JOSHI ‘24, Editor-in-Chief April 13, 2023

Welcome to EYEth. A fantasy planet and a respite for some, EYEth is a perfect world, imagined by the Deaf community, in which all real connections, resources, and—most importantly—communication is within the reach of signed...

Many express their opinions on the recent discussion of affirmative action.

Taking A Step Backwards: Bracing for the End of Affirmative Action

ADEDOYIN AYENI '23, Entertainment Editor March 30, 2023

For years, laws have kept people of color, specifically Black and indigenous people, out of higher institutions, overall preventing them from achieving intellectual greatness. The panacea has been affirmative action, a system...

The ban on Google Chat has frustrated both students and teachers and has made it difficult to communicate. Students now see a blocked screen instead of the usual Google Chat setup.

Missing Chat Exposes a Missing Education

What is the role of school? Is it to educate students only about the intricacies of English, the processes of math, or the discoveries of science? We believe not.  While schools impart the basic foundations of knowledge to...

INFLUENCE: An Analysis of Influencers Influencing

DIVYA KRISHNA ‘25 February 23, 2023

Commandeering the lives of teenagers, influencers have gained a chokehold on daily life. The fact of the matter is, there is no stopping the proliferation of negative influence. Many of these social media accounts appeal to the...

Lets Have a Conversation: Climate Change

Let’s Have a Conversation: Climate Change

DRESY VALDES ‘26 and BREANNA SMITHEN ‘26 February 23, 2023

At the holiday dinner table conversations with family range from the monotonous talk of pop culture to salient discussions of policies. Politics are an unavoidable topic at holiday dinners, so why is climate change brushed aside...

A picture of the current Orchestra Room, showcasing the limited storage space and seating

Orchestra Lacks Attention

Though the Edison High orchestra program has been improving, there is still a lack of funding for this organization compared to the other musical programs that Edison High offers—choir and band.  Just recently, the Edison...

Even during winter break, a time meant to spend relaxing, students can feel overwhelmed and stressed for the future.

New Year, New Me…Or Maybe Not?

ISHANI BAKSHI '26 and ALAINA SHINDE '26 February 10, 2023

As we approach the final stretch of 2022, instead of looking back on a year of readjustment, socioeconomic turmoil, and Elon Musk’s twitter takeover, most of us are scrambling through our Google Classroom to-do list— praying...

Each November were told to Give Thanks, but have we forgotten what that means?

Put The Thanks Back In Thanksgiving

In a wholesome charity event led by our EHS STUCO, the Edison High School community bonds with the Giving Tree initiative this winter season. This act of giving traces itself back to 1621 when a group of Pilgrims decided to invite...

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