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Summer is here; flowers are in bloom. Find out the flower that matches with you.

️April Showers Bring May Flowers

SCARLETT GIL '27 and SARA GERALDES ‘27 June 11, 2024

Astrology is most commonly used to determine one's personality. The twelve zodiac signs can be represented by various symbols—such as flowers, which invoke certain emotions and symbolism. As summer approaches and flowers are...

Rithika Gunasekaran 27 and Solai Ramasubramaniyam 27 reenacting a famous scene from the book, Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, where protagonists Patroclus, the expelled prince, and Achilles, the fated best warrior train together.

The Song of Achilles: A Gift 100 Times Better Than the Trojan Horse

Homer wrote the Iliad. Yes, we know this. The real question is when he wrote it… Yup, that’s right. All the way back in good old 650 BCE. If you’re not intimidated by that, go ahead and read the Iliad. But for the rest...

Looking for a quick and easy dessert recipe? Well, these microwave mug cakes will become your new obsession; these treats will surely satisfy your cravings and can be enjoyed within minutes of preparation!

“Bake” You A Smile

SAIRA MOHID '26, Staff Writer June 7, 2024

Dessert is undeniably the best part of any meal, but with a busy schedule, you may not have the time or energy to make a complicated sweet treat. Sometimes our sweet cravings surface unannounced, and no-bake desserts are perfect...

Students find not only relief from heat but innovative learning methods as they relocate from classroom to bathroom.

Sweltering Room 222 Forces Class Into Cooler Bathroom

NINA STALENYJ '26 May 22, 2024

As room 222 at Edison High gets too hot, the bathroom is instead being used as a new classroom for the students of the Journalism and Media elective at Edison High School. Students are excited about the new learning environment,...

Solai Ramasubramaniyam 27 and Rithika Gunasekaran 27 enact a scene from the book, A Good Girls Guide to Murder, featuring Pippa Fitz-Amobi and Ravi Singh, in which the two characters meet for the first time.

Holly Jackson, You’re Killing Us…

It's a ghost house, they say. They’re kidnappers, that family. They’re murderers, all of them. For 5 years, the house has been avoided, insulted, and vandalized. Even the mere thought of nearing the house is unimaginable–after...

This month, were celebrating Asian Americans and Pacific Islander artists and their music, ranging from hip-hop and rock to K-Pop and Bollywood.

Inside Edison’s AirPods: Celebrating AAPI Artists

ALAINA SHINDE ‘26, Entertainment Editor May 14, 2024

The days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming, and everyone's scrambling to finish AP exams— May is certainly in full swing. But this month also brings AAPI Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the incredible diversity...

Dune: Part 2 has taken the world by storm. But, how good is it, and does it live up to the legendary books reputation?

A Reality To Experience: Dune Part Two

Since the premiere of the action film Dune: Part One in 2021, author Frank Herbert’s world has been spread to the cinema-going masses. Now, with the release of Dune: Part Two, director Denis Villeneuve explores his vivid interpretation...

The latest, hot new class, Slang 101, flips the skibbidy script.

EHS Welcomes Bussin’ New Class for Slang

ALEENA PEREZ '27 May 9, 2024

At the first meeting for the new student-run S122 slang class, students at EHS educate their teachers on the trendiest slang. Club president and straight C- freshmen Jeremy Ickson notes that in his opinion, the turnout “slaps.”...

 If you ever tire of reading about Christoper Columbus as you prepare for exams, perhaps you should meet with him instead.

Time-Traveling APUSH Student Explores With Columbus, Gets 5 On Exam

ZEYNEP KACAN ‘26 May 9, 2024

EDISON, NJ-- Student Christphia Colamboi ’25 shared her secret to the perfect score one can achieve on the AP. U.S. History exam: time traveling to 1492. “Columbus is such a funny guy, we had so much fun together!” Colamboi...

In honor of AAPI Month, Solai Ramasubramaniyam 27 and Rithika Gunasekaran 27 read Aru Shah and the End of Time, which incorporates a modern twist on Hindu mythology.

AAPI Month: BookTalk Style

Book open, blanket spread, snacks ready–what’s a better way to spend spring? So kick off those sandals and get settled with one of these books celebrating Asian and Pacific Islanders in honor of May’s AAPI Heritage Month! Yeah,...

A concert graphic at Madison Square Garden displaying Billy Joels sold-out performance before the show.

Historic Event Celebrates a Living Legend

DEREK DUDEK ‘25, Staff Writer April 26, 2024

As the lights turned low, you feel the Garden pulsing with the excitement of thousands of fans of the Piano Man. Everybody senses that something special is about to occur. Billy Joel himself announced to the crowd that “everyone...

Presenting one of the cafe scenes in Operation Pyaar, starring Kareena Munshi ‘26 as Sonya Agarwal, the protagonist, and Ritik Gera ‘26 as Kabir Arora is the doctor who is Sonyas first love interest.

Operation Pyaar: Plot Twists and Plights

ISHANI BAKSHI ‘26, News Editor April 25, 2024

Lights, camera, love! On March 28, several students filed into the rows of the EHS auditorium, eagerly awaiting the hyped-up Desi musical, Operation Pyaar. Hosted by the school’s Peacock Society, Fusion is an annual performance...

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