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Metallica fans can listen to 72 Seasons on Youtube or Spotify.

Metallica’s Still Got it!

DEREK DUDEK ‘25, Staff Writer May 3, 2023

Whether you’re a metal-head who enjoys throwing chairs and punishing your neck muscles with relentless head-banging, or you’re…you know, not that, I’m sure you’ve heard of Metallica. Metallica, arguably the most influential...

Top row, left to right: Suzette Stephen, Willow Edema, Sara Nasrullah
Bottom row, right to left: Alena Ortiz-Albino, Adedoyin Ayeni, and Layna Ortiz-Albino

EHS Theater Department: Inspired by the Old While Starting Something New

SAMARRA SARAVANAN '24, Staff Writer April 28, 2023

Edison High School’s theater department portrayed an outstanding depiction of the High School Musical movie. The audience was impressed by their vocals and coordination, all while watching the show explore ideas like conformity...

With the transition to spring, many students music styles have become more upbeat and happy.

Inside Edison’s AirPods: Are We There Yet?

ALAINA SHINDE ‘26 and SARINA AHMED ‘23 April 19, 2023

As we approach April, many of us nostalgically recall our elementary school friends’ future plans to embark on a days-long road trip with each other. Although these innocent ambitions are unlikely to come to fruition any time...

Do you like murder, secret societies, and plot twists? If We Were Villians brings Shakespeare into the modern era.

Et tu, M.L. Rio?

SIA SHAH '24 and JIA SHAH '24 April 14, 2023

Shakespeare? Murder mystery? Dark academia?  Yes. I’m in.  If We Were Villains is the perfect mix. Appealing to the true dark academics, this book has Shakespearean aesthetics, secret societies, and the most alluring...

(From left) Remee 23, Gabrielle 23, Angelina 24, Isabelle 23, and Sidhdi 23

Broadway Night: A New Tradition?

CHETANA BIDESI ‘24 March 16, 2023

Broadway Night could be described in many ways, but to sum up the experience in one word: it was breathtaking! This event has been waved at us students from the hallway walls, tempting us more and more each day, and each participant...

Inside Edison’s AirPods: Singin’ in the Rain

Inside Edison’s AirPods: Singin’ in the Rain

ALAINA SHINDE ‘26 March 16, 2023

With hopes of a sunny spring break marred by the cloudy skies and dismal rain at Edison High, unfocused students staring bleakly out of classroom windows is certainly not an unlikely sight. I often find myself drifting off into...

Fusion: Meet the Actors

Fusion: Meet the Actors

RITIK GERA '26, Staff Writer March 15, 2023

There will be a murder in the auditorium… Metaphorically of course. Peacock Society, the South Asian club at EHS, is proud to present their latest production: "Khatra Express," a thrilling murder mystery that will leave you...

The Girl and The Goddess

SIA SHAH '24 and JIA SHAH '24 February 10, 2023

Did you just say what I think you just said? A culturally embracing and tradition-infused poetry book filled with Hindu lore and legend? Sign me up. The Girl and The Goddess: Stories and Poems of Divine Wisdom is a verse novel...

Music Makes the Soul Grow

VARNIKA SIRIGINEEDI '25 and SYLVIA WU '25 February 10, 2023

At around 6:30 pm on December 6th, 2022, Edison High’s newly-furnished auditorium was filled with parents, friends, and staff. The annual winter choral concert this year was titled “Music makes the Soul Grow,” directed by...

Top 2022 Rap and R&B Hits

Top 2022 Rap and R&B Hits

Within 2022, there were remarkable changes within the music industry, especially in the rap and R&B genre. As new artists became famous, new styles became more popular. Yet people always loved the original styles shown within...

Head band director Marc Denicuolo directs Edisons Wind Ensemble

Putting Their Best Foot Forward, Off the Field and Onto the Stage

GABRIELA ENGHOLM '23 and ROBYN NEMETH '23 February 10, 2023

Edison High School’s band program, led by director Mr. Marc DeNicuolo and assistant director Mr. Joseph Ciappina, held its annual winter concert on December 8, 2022. The performance consisted of ten songs presented by three...

A Need for Speed II

Supercharged Entertainment, the world’s largest indoor go-karting track, opened in Edison on December 19, 2022. The arena features an 80,000 feet go-kart track, 19 axe throwing lanes, a drop and twist tower, and countless arcade...

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