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Entertainment Guide: Music From Around the World

ADEDOYIN AYENI '23 June 10, 2022

Music connects people together. It is a way of connecting and expressing. As part of an educational community that values diversity, it is important for us to understand the ways each of those cultures expresses themselves. Here...

Open book with brown color and tan pages covered with various colored dots.

You Heard it on BookTalk First

JIA SHAH '24, SIA SHAH '24 June 8, 2022

Summer’s almost here and you know what that means. It’s time to lay down on the sand or on your bed with a page-turning book. So without further ado…. Here is our master list of books to read this summer. There’s romance,...

Mr. Timothy Morrow preps for the start of the spring concert.

A Fight for the Love of Music and Performing

SOUMITA BANERJEE '25 June 8, 2022

On April 26, 2022, Alyson Zhang ‘22 went with Keya Raval ‘22 and Aleena Cheriyan ‘22 to a Board of Education budget meeting, representing the EHS Orchestra. Because of construction in the Edison High auditorium, the group...

Spotify: the companion of students tensed during school.

Inside Edison’s Airpods: Ultimate Summer Playlist

With new weather comes new music, and students’ playlists have adapted to these changes. In pursuit of new sounds and moods, students’ music taste has shifted towards the songs of the summer. From songs to belt in the car...

Build Up to Season 6 for the Peaky Blinders

ISHAAN SHETTY '24 June 8, 2022

By the order of Netflix, Peaky Blinders is to come out on the platform on June 10, 2022.  Peaky Blinders is a show based on a real gang with the same name from post-World War I (WWI) Birmingham, England. This gang’s trademarks...

From left to right, people wear the traditional kimono from Japan, áo dài from Vietnam, cheongsam/qipao from China, and the barong tagalog from the Philippines.

Misrepresentation and the Few Good Exceptions: AAPI in Media

CRYSTAL WU '25 May 31, 2022

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage (AAPI) Month, which celebrates the history and contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders across the United States. Yet, despite the country’s celebration of AAPI,...

A place filled with fun and food; Perfect for relaxing after-school.

KULU: EHS’ New Hangout Spot?

STELLA WONG ‘25 and SYLVIA WU ‘25 May 13, 2022

At the end of a school day, students from Edison High School want to unwind from work in a stress-free environment. A place that many students head to for relaxation is Keep Ur Life Unique Desserts x Dumpling Town—or more commonly...

Inside Edisons Airpods: What Do Teachers Appreciate?

Inside Edison’s Airpods: What Do Teachers Appreciate?

Music prevails as an integral aspect of daily life for Edison High School. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, The Eagle’s Eye spoke to Edison High School faculty about their listening habits, and compiled a cumulative playlist...

Many of the main characters of Into the Woods during the act one finale, when they believe to have found their happy ever after. From left to right is: Grandma (Sujude Hassan ‘24), Little Red Riding Hood (Riva Christy ‘24), The Baker’s Wife (Hannah Steinlauf ‘22), The Baker (Garid Garcia ‘22), Jack (Danny Boslet ‘22) and Jack’s Mom (Kaeli Knott ‘22).
Provided by Hannah Steinlauf 22

Into the Woods: Theater Department Presents a Tale Of Tales

GAURI KSHETTRY '25 and TWISHA PATEL '25 April 28, 2022

The Edison High School theater department presented Into the Woods, a brilliant combination of multiple fairytales and the story of a baker in his conquest to gain children, at J.P. Stevens High School in the second week of April....

The Edison High School choir gathers in front of the scenic Virginia Beach to take a group photo.

First Trip After an Extended Hiatus

ALYSON ZHANG '22 April 28, 2022

After a long three-year wait, the Edison High School music departments once again resumed the annual music festival trips, taking a six-hour drive to Virginia Beach. The trip lasted four days at the scenic seaside. While the...

Must-Watch Anime of the Season

ADEDOYIN AYENI '23 April 28, 2022

As summer break rolls around it is the perfect time to relax and catch up on your favorite shows. While you’re sitting on your porch or in your room, take time to introduce yourself to some new anime! Anime, hand-drawn and computer-generated...

The EHS Dance Department present their senior solo concert.

Edison High Dance: Solo Spectacular Showcase

MAHA KHAN 24’ April 28, 2022

Seven of Edison’s very own dazzled the stage on February 11, 2022. Seven consecutive performances were displayed by members of the advanced dance ensemble, led by Ms. Vicki Jenkins, an accomplished Broadway veteran, along with...

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