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November 17, 2022

The Eagle’s Eye continues to develop and grow as new ideas are implemented within the publication. Some sections of the newspaper are being refocused and reorganized, while others are growing in size.

One particular section is Sports; once mostly filled with short articles at the end of each edition that recapped the ends of sports seasons, important wins are now being covered so students can read about their fellow athletes. “Edison Defeats Lenape in Sectional Finals” by Alvin Wu ‘24 and Sushanth Balaraman ‘24, for one, has garnered hundreds of views within the first week of its publishing, and other sports articles exhibit the same increased viewership.

“As the [Sports Column], we have an obligation to cover the athletes’ achievements, and boy have there been a lot of those this year,” said Sports Editor Wu. “We have very committed writers who have worked to get articles out on short deadlines.”

While the publication has changed throughout the years, the core of the Eagle’s Eye stays the same: to provide insight for high school students within EHS”

Another section being refurbished is Features, known for its more in-depth articles that have an overarching theme for each edition. Past sections covered themes such as overcrowding, mental health, and technology. However, with a multitude of articles going out every edition, many feature articles have been overlooked in the past with no clear semblance of a theme.    

Film club photographer Jodie Hur ’25 takes pictures for a spring track meet. (Annika Villanueva ’25)

Beginning within the winter edition of the 2022-2023 school year, the Features section has more organization, with plans of publishing weekly rather than with the edition for students to read and enjoy. Feature Editors Gabrielle Dharmawan ‘25 and Madhav Mandala ‘24, Copy Editor Shrinidhi Ramachandran ‘23, and Features Editor-In-Chief Pragya Singh ‘23 hope to increase readership of the newspaper and exposure of the features section this school year. 

“Before, we just used to have them all go out at once, and didn’t highlight the theme or the articles at all. They had almost no viewership,” said Mandala. “We’re trying a new method of pumping out articles, and we’re hoping to have the features articles garner more attention, as they are generally buried in the midst of the rest of the edition.”

With better quality of writing comes better visuals to accompany each article. This year, the Film Club has collaborated heavily with The Eagle’s Eye, taking pictures of events and allowing readers to see gallery walls and vibrant cover photos alongside writing. 

“The Film Club photographers have also been extremely diligent and going to events in-person, so every article we’ve put out has had beautiful images to accompany it,” added Wu.

While the publication has changed throughout the years, the core of the Eagle’s Eye stays the same: to provide insight for high school students within EHS. 

“As I’m sure you are aware, we live in a divided nation and there is bullying and harassment in schools and in communities. Students need an outlet to vent their grievances without too much interference,” said Bamdad. “The newspaper could be this outlet.”

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