Jayesh Chaurasia

The Edison High School community congratulates Jayesh Chaurasia ’23 for being named the Senior of the Month for January. Throughout his academic and extracurricular endeavors, Chaurasia has demonstrated that he is a conscientious leader and a gifted student.

Throughout his time at EHS, Chaurasia executed his talent by becoming the co-president of the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), captain of the EHS Robotics Team, co-president of the EHS United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and the business and layout editor-in-chief for The Eagle’s Eye. Along with these accomplishments, Chaurasia participates in the EHS Chamber Orchestra, the National Honor Society, National Business Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society), La Société Honoraire de Français (French Honor Society), and Peacock Society’s annually Fusion play as an actor. While Chaurasia engages in a variety of activities and clubs, he also allots time for school work and his social life. 

Chaurasia said, “Balancing school and extracurricular activities is a challenge that becomes easier over time. I figured out my priorities and dealt with them first. Additionally, I understood my limits and realized my abilities which helped me work with my time to help balance my school work with my various organizations and clubs.”

However, high school was a challenge at first as Chaurasia moved back to Edison in December midway through freshman year. Even though Jayesh participated in many of the clubs that EHS has to offer, he acknowledges that entering a new atmosphere and dealing with a heavy workload initially seemed uneasy, especially with “the idea of having to take on more responsibility and having to make decisions that would affect my future.” Nevertheless, as he moved through high school, he learned to take on more responsibility and make choices that would be in his best interests. 

Chaurasia adds that he was fortunate enough to have a great support system. Jayesh’s family and friends inspired him, supported him during difficult times, celebrated his success, and listened to him when he needed to talk. Along with these close relations, he would like to thank Ms. Diane Frey, Mrs. Kruti Singh, Mr. Mike Glackin and Ms. Lynne Tierney for their positive impacts on his life.

 “They have all been instrumental in helping me reach my goals and have been a great source of support and encouragement,” said Jayesh.

Furthermore, Chaurasia notes that his most memorable year at EHS was his junior year.

“After coming back from a long year of online schooling, it was my first full year of school where I was able to properly dive into the community. It was the year of many firsts. My first time driving. My first time in DECA. My first time in Robotics. I was able to display myself with my work and activities that I was passionate about. I was able to make and appreciate the true high school experience with my friends,” said Jayesh.

He added that his most indelible moment at EHS was his first time participating at the International Career Development Conference for DECA in Atlanta, Georgia. Competing and winning an award at such a high level against a diverse group of individuals will definitely be one of the things that he will never be able to forget. 

With his interest in business, Jayesh wants to pursue a Bachelor’s in Finance with a minor in Computer Science for a career in Investment Banking.

Overall, Chaurasia’s advice to underclassmen for a successful high school career would be to engage in a variety of activities while also learning time management, accepting and growing from mistakes, and taking advantage of the opportunities given at EHS. He believes that a large part of high school is becoming part of the community through participation and the willingness to learn.

“You are able to learn to be more open-minded and to accept different perspectives,” he said. “To be more tolerant of others and to be more understanding of their situations. Most of all, I learned to be confident in myself and accept the challenges around me.”

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