Yash Tiwari (President)

I see the opportunity of being a student council officer as a way for me to contribute my skill set in favor of the school and the community. Additionally, I can strongly represent the 4 R’s of Edison High, Responsibility, Respect, Readiness and Red and Gold. I currently market for EHS DECA, participated in the DECA mentorship program as well as qualified for State DECA conferences.  Throughout these experiences, I was given the opportunity to represent my school, providing me with both a sense of responsibility and respect for the school. As president, I will be working towards building a sense of community in the school, and creating projects and events aimed towards the betterment of the school as well as the local community. Furthermore, my commitment to DECA has provided me with talents consisting of communication and business skills which are essential for running a successful term as president. For example, we can begin incentivising community projects, if a local town needs to increase their foot traffic, or needs a creation of murals, we can create volunteer opportunities for students, which help both our students and our community. Essentially, I have the precise qualifications vital for any strong president.

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