Julia Kim (Vice President)

Hello! My name is Julia Kim and I am running for Vice President. I love socializing and being in social settings where I can get to know people and put myself out there. As much as I love to be out, nothing can compare to my favorite after-school naps and waking up thinking it’s the next day. Being a student, I am just like the rest of the 1,000+ people in this school; I understand the tedious homework assignments, I understand the running around the school looking for an open bathroom, I even understand the several alarms before 7AM to start waking up. I’m not saying I can make any of that go away nor can I promise you anything, however as Vice President, I plan to implement new events to lift the pressures of high school with fun. I am willing to listen to all students and staff members for feedback and critique on how to improve our student council for not only school year 2023-2024, but for the future. Thank you so much and VOTE JULIA KIM FOR VICE PRESIDENT :)!!

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