Jinam Modasiya: January Senior of the Month


Two words can go a long way to sum up our January Senior of the Month:  marching band. Jinam Modasiya ‘20, January’s senior of the month, is a dedicated member of the Edison High School Marching Band. An avid flute player, he is a section leader within the marching band. Furthermore, he is also one of the band’s drum majors—no, that has nothing to do with drumming, but rather conducting the band so they stay on beat. 

Apart from marching band, Jinam takes part in robotics, and has a great interest in taking objects apart and putting them back together as well as reading about technological innovations. Don’t tell his fellow band members, but he also enjoys listening to classical orchestral music. Another interest of Jinam’s lies in animal-human relationships and the mutualistic benefit within them.

Many of Jinam’s memories at Edison High School revolve around his time spent in the marching band. He recalls one particular evening rehearsal, where a previous band director, Mr. Todd Nichols, visited and called Mr. DeNicuolo, the current band director, “Markiepoo” across the room. Aside from this humorous moment, Jinam also fondly remembers the passionate and moving speech from Mr. Nichols on the pursuit of musical knowledge and education. Keeping this love for music in mind, Jinam particularly would like to thank his band director, Mr. DeNicuolo, for helping make him the person he is today.

Considering his dedication to band as well as the long and regular rehearsals required of band members, Jinam has discovered that a strong work ethic remains one of his most valuable traits. His time at Edison High School has not only brought this quality out, but also his discipline, organization, and efficiency. A sophomore year ankle injury specifically taught him the value of taking care of himself and pushing onwards despite the pain. 

Based on his experience at Edison High, Jinam advises underclassmen to be social and try new experiences. He explains that he never had any regrets undertaking new challenges in his time at the school. Furthermore, he hopes to see a greater degree of involvement from the students in the school, outside of academics. Jinam hopes that all the members of Edison High School find their own place in the Edison High School community, as he has found his own within marching band.