Put The Thanks Back In Thanksgiving

Fall 2022 Editorial


Each November we’re told to “Give Thanks,” but have we forgotten what that means?

In a wholesome charity event led by our EHS STUCO, the Edison High School community bonds with the Giving Tree initiative this winter season. This act of giving traces itself back to 1621 when a group of Pilgrims decided to invite the Wampanoags for supper. During this holiday, we express our gratitude towards everyone and everything in our life. 


Why us? Should we be grateful for strangers, individuals we have never interacted with before?

Every day, after 2:30, a team of individuals, kitted up with brooms and bottles of Lysol cleaner, work ‘till late at night. The next day, they disappear (well, some of them). 

These are the janitors.

As humans, we tend to take things for granted. We only really understand the value of things when they disappear. Imagine a day without janitors; everything would be a mess. The cafeteria would have food all over the floor, the hallways dirt, and the bathrooms pile of tissue papers (especially the boys’). 

It would all be dysfunctional and – quite literally – a mess.

What about our teachers?

It can be challenging to see the world beyond our personal obstacles. We might get caught up in the hassles of studying for tests, quizzes, and keeping up with our daily assignments. During this time, many students fail to recognize the hard work and dedication the teachers put in to ensure a better education for us. 

Persevering through the constant disruptions in Edison High’s hallways, our teachers promote the enduring goal of education. Yet, they do much more. Providing their kindness, their support, and their dedication, the teachers of Edison High School make it their mission to make all students accomplished and truly, “what’s great about Edison High.” 

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the hands that provide us with breakfast and lunch every day.

Serving hundreds of students every day, the Edison High School breakfast and lunch programs are solely run by the smiling faces of the helpers. The members in this program rush their lunch and put aside their needs and want only to prioritize students from 7 am to 2:30 pm. They make breakfast and provide a vast lunch menu all for us, the students. Next time, you take a spoonful of your mac and cheese, keep this in mind. 

And we can’t discuss gratitude without acknowledging the unwavering presence of our security guards.

Security guards are the reason many of us can come into school every day feeling safe, yet we rarely take the time to greet them, let alone express our gratitude. Given the present-day threats, their entire responsibility to protect us is an enormous one. Still, they can be seen connecting with students in the hallways and looking over at us in the cafeteria. As you cross the street or enter the school, keep a lookout for our guards and say “Thank you.”

This Thanksgiving, take some time to think about who and what you take for granted. Make sure you thank them. A small gesture can make a large impact.