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A picture of a solar panel that could be used at Edison High School (attribution: Wikimedia Commons).
Going Green: Solar Panels Added to the Eagle’s Nest
SHRIADITI KANCHERLA '26, Staff Writer • September 28, 2023

Since returning to in-person learning after the pandemic, Edison High School has undergone a “glow-up”...

(left to right) Mohammad Haady 24, Sarina Ahmed 23, Abby Knott 24, and Mei Kim 24 standing as costume contest winners from the event.
Flying the Birdie for Charity
NIDHI MUDHOLKER '25, Staff Writer • June 9, 2023
Push Pop It toy, Foam toy, and Sensory Magnet Board are all used to fidget helping teens with ADHD
Teens and ADHD
PRAGYA BHATIA '26, Staff Writer • June 8, 2023

Remember the colorful fidget spinners fad that went around back in 2017? The toys were marketed to a...

Students grudgingly take a standardized test in a classroom.
Editorial: The Low Standards of Standardized Testing

As testing slowly comes to an end, let us reflect on our experiences. A lot of them were negative. When the first round of state testing...

Disregarding the words and phrases you say can lead to unwanted consequences.
It’s Not Just a Joke: Why We Should Stop Saying “I Want to KMS”
GABRIELLE DHARMAWAN '25, Features Editor • June 2, 2023

“I’m so OCD.” “This gives me PTSD.” “That test was so hard, I want to-” Phrases like these are easy to hear in the cacophony...

A student struggles to open a polluted and vandalized bathroom that is locked.
EHS’s Bothersome Bathroom Burden
SAMARRA SARAVANAN ‘24, Staff Writer • April 14, 2023

Asking students about their experience with the bathrooms at Edison High School is guaranteed to bring out disgust and groans. The pungent odor...

Barbenheimer: A Reflection of EHS?
ISHANI BAKSHI '26 and GAURI KSHETTRY '25 September 14, 2023

Pink and plutonium. Those two words perhaps perfectly summarize the summer of 2023: gaggles of girls filling into theaters in pink skirts, the...

Gabrielle Bulahan 23 singing Flowers (Gabbies version).
Eagle Night Live!
CHETANA BIDESI '24, Staff Writer • June 15, 2023
An Apology
An Apology
June 9, 2023
Rodriguez on the field during an away game.
Rodriguez Looks to Rowan
AGASTYA CHINCHANKAR '26, Staff Writer • June 12, 2023

Israel Rodriguez ‘23, a three-year member of the football team, has committed to D3 school Rowan University and will play for their football...

Nyekir Eato 25 against St. Thomas Aquinas on January 18
Steppin’ Into the Ring: Eagles Reach New Heights With Wrestling Mania
SUSHANTH BALARAMAN '24 and ALVIN WU '24 June 6, 2023

The wrestling team attained the top win-loss record in the White Division with 20–4, a significant improvement from their 7–12 record last...

Coaches Break Records and Forge Historic Winning Legacy
Coaches Break Records and Forge Historic Winning Legacy
June 6, 2023

Ms. Christine Vardaro in a yearbook photo.
Christine Vardaro
June 20, 2023

An 1985 Edison High School graduate and a secretary for twenty years, Mrs. Christine Vardaro dedicated many years to her life as an Eagle. Starting...

Ms. Patti Jaworski with some of her PE students at the 2023 Senior BBQ.
Patti Jaworski
June 20, 2023
Ms. Gail Pawlikowski (back row, second from the left), in her pre-EHS and J.P. Stevens years at Herbert Hoover Middle School
Gail Pawlikowski
June 20, 2023
Mrs. Ledda with her FCCLA students.
Sandra Ledda
June 20, 2023

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