Ashley Montuoro: April Senior of the Month

Ashley Montuoro, April’s Senior of the Month, is sure to stick out due to her self-proclaimed “short height.” As an avid cheerleader, Ashley has done Varsity cheerleading throughout all four years of high school, and has even earned the Top All-American award during her senior year. 

Along with her consistent participation in cheerleading, Ashley was also an ardent member of the Student Council for her four years, culminating with her becoming the  treasurer of the Student Council in her senior year. She recalls: “I’d say my favorite EHS memory is being a part of general Student Council.” Ashley enjoyed her time with the general Student Council and continued to participate in it through her four years in high school, taking pleasure in the events that she had contributed to over the years.

Aside from the Student Council, Ashley also participates in Heroes and Cool Kids, safety ambassadors, National Honors Society, and Spanish National Honors Society. Her involvement in Edison High School and its activities allowed her to “realize the things I want to do and the person I want to be.” Ashley’s experiences through Edison High School allowed her to realize her full potential and her visions for the future.

A defining moment for Ashley was also “doing a fundraiser for a fellow student who had cancer. Doing that fundraiser taught me so many lessons and it’s truly something I will never forget.” Giving back to her community and the people who surround her allowed Ashley to learn more about who she is as a person.

Ashley would also like to shoutout Mr. Pollex, who offered Ashley advice and guidance in times of need and allowed her to continue her journey through high school. In her words, Mr. Pollex “kept me sane throughout high school and I honestly would not have been able to do it without him.” 

Her contributions to the school involve her consistent effort to help her community and improve her surroundings. While trying to make her surroundings better, Ashley also tries to improve herself as a person. As she states, “I would say my contribution to the school is my continuous effort in trying new things and trying to make things better.”