How do Student-Athletes Feel About Their Season Ending?


During the spring, Edison High students participate in lacrosse, track & field, baseball, softball, boys volleyball, and boys tennis. However, this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools across the country have shut down, canceling their spring sports seasons. This shutdown has disappointed student athletes across the nation, including the many that attend Edison High. Many of the sports teams were only able to get in one practice before the school closed, so no team participated in any games or scrimmages.

“We had something really special,” claims Adeola Ajiboro ‘21, an EHS track & field runner. He further explains that “trying to replicate that next year will be difficult.” He believes that the track team would have been successful this year, but they could not realize that potential when their season was canceled. The cancellation of their sport adds to the disappointment that COVID-19 has brought to high schoolers. However, student athletes’ hopes are not completely down. 

While under quarantine, many student athletes have been able to go outside in order to exercise or practice their sport. While the coronavirus has stopped students from playing the sports they love, the virus has not stopped students from preparing for their upcoming seasons. Taking the extra free time to their advantage, student-athletes are determined to use quarantine to continue training for next year. Student-athletes have also been trying out for their next seasons, like the EHS cheerleading team. The cheerleading team held their tryouts via video submission, which Varsity cheerleader Marisa Odol ‘21 felt was “easier for people to truly work on and improve [their] skills at their own pace.” The cheerleaders who were trying out were able to focus on learning their routine in and out before submitting their final video. So, quarantine has been helping student-athletes prepare for the next school year and sports season. 

However, many student athletes will not be returning to their sport next year. Seniors in high school are missing out on many popular high school events, like prom and graduation, but senior student athletes are missing out on their final sports season. Many seniors around the world have expressed their sadness in not playing with their high school sports teams one last time. Even though they were unable to play a game, the EHS girls lacrosse team was able to have their own version of “senior night” while social distancing at the school. With masks on, the lacrosse team was able to show their support to their seniors with handmade posters and gifts, just like they would have on a regular senior night.

The coronavirus pandemic may have tested them, but EHS athletes continue to show resolve in the face of challenge.