Alan Cheriyan: May Senior of the Month


May Senior of the Month, Alan Cheriyan ‘20,  is a man of many interests and talents. Born in Minnesota, he is a dedicated volleyball player. He plays the position of libero on the varsity volleyball, and is responsible for receiving serves and spikes in this position. He has played in varsity since junior year and even obtained the scholar athlete award post- season. While his only school sport is volleyball, he also enjoys playing basketball and soccer for fun.

He is an avid participant in Latin club and a huge fan of Magister Clark, the advisor of the club. As treasurer, Alan works with various members and leaders of the club to spread knowledge of Roman culture through games and other activities. In his words, Alan describes, “This is a club dedicated to spreading knowledge of the Roman culture through games and other fun activities. This club is filled with amazing members, leaders, and an amazing adviser. Shoutout to Magister Clark!”

Some of his favorite memories at EHS stem from Latin. He particularly recalls the moment where he made a promotional video for Latin with his friends: “ I have a lot of good memories at EHS, but one that I will never forget is when my friends and I made a music video for Latin. We were told to make a video to introduce the Latin language to 8th graders who would have to choose a language when they come to high school. We spent time creating lyrics together and then made an entire music video to go along with it. Overall, it was an amazing experience doing something fun with friends.”

His advice for new freshmen is to experiment. As they come into high school, new opportunities present themselves, and taking advantage of these new opportunities is the best way to discover one’s passions. You never know when you might discover a new interest to pursue. Alan recalls how he initially joined volleyball because of his friends, but now plans to pursue recreational volleyball in college. 

He also mentioned his hope for all classrooms at EHS to have air conditioning in the near future.

Alan would like to shout out two very important teachers, Mrs. Singh and Mrs. Hu, whose patience and dedication helped him greatly. He recalls enjoying physics labs and activities during junior year, and Mrs. Hu made chemistry very bearable for him despite its challenges. He’d like to thank these teachers for their efforts and encouragement during his time at EHS.