How to Live Life Post-Quarantine


It is funny how a global pandemic can change our daily life, right?  There we were, just minding our business, grumbling about our growing homework piles. The distant virus that was rumored to plague China seemed completely irrelevant. The biggest issue in our minds was the project due at the end of the week. High school was our biggest problem. But suddenly, that same virus ballooned in front of our eyes and took over the world. Now, the once crowded school hallways are deserted, and all of us are stuck at home. 

Of course, this situation is not easy for anyone, especially families who are directly impacted by the virus, whether it be the loss of a loved one or the danger of a front-line worker. In such a desolate time, upsetting feelings can easily engulf us, especially as we have so much free time with nothing but our own lonely and apocalyptic thoughts to entertain us. However, the best way to keep these thoughts at bay is to think of better times in the future, times when we are free to feel the sun on our unmasked faces and live our lives normally. 

In hopes of lightening our moods and giving everyone something to look forward to, here are some activities to do after coronavirus has diminished and we all have our regular lives back. For now, settle on just thinking about them.

Go on a drive. Sure, we can still travel in cars. But the short trips to the grocery store for “essentials” can’t compare to the long, random road trips to nowhere. Driving with the windows open, the breeze whipping your face, music blasting, your friends or family laughing; now that’s what I call a drive. 

Go to crowded places. Remember the times when you could wander through the mall or go for a walk in the park to meet up with friends without having to lather your hands with sanitizer? After months of being cooped up inside, nothing will be better than some fresh air and the presence of other human beings. 

Eat at a restaurant. Imagine being able to sit down in your favourite restaurant and eat your favourite meal without fussing about sanitization or worrying about the waiters getting too close. After quarantine, being able to confidently walk into a restaurant and eat lunch will definitely be an activity that will be more appreciated than before. 

Share your experiences. Although while we sit in our houses being bored, this stretch of time certainly seems unremarkable, we are bound to realize how memorable this time was after it is all over. Once we are back in our daily routines and have the time to talk to friends, there will definitely be some story–telling about each individual’s personal experience: the precautions you took, the new activities you explored, the shows you binged, etc. One day, this pandemic will be a historical event that will present a very interesting storytime for  your grandchildren.

Hug someone. How many times did you high-five your lab partner or hug your best friend? Such simple physical contact seemed trivial while you had the freedom to do it daily. But now that we are constricted to conversing through a digital screen, we find ourselves thinking wistfully back to those times that we took for granted. We, humans, are social beings that thrive on physical and social interaction. So after this quarantine, be sure to hug someone you love; as we all have learned, you never know when you might lose this privilege.

Remember there are lots of things, no matter how little, to do after you are free to step out of your house mask-free. No matter how bleak life seems now, there will always be a future. Quarantine has definitely made us appreciate the little things from our lives, and we will definitely be expressing this gratitude post-quarantine.