Activities Fair: An Opportunity to Explore


Imagine the cafeteria filled with more than two hundred students from all four grades wondering what type of extracurricular activities that Edison High has to offer.

The Activities Fair on September 26 in the EHS Cafeteria provided an opportunity for students to get the feeling of which clubs sparked their interests. Around fifty clubs were all gathered around the perimeter of the cafeteria, vying for students’ attention and membership using various different types of advertising. Students walked around and talked to members learning about and partaking in some of the great activities going on at Edison High School.

The cafeteria hummed with activity as clubs used many techniques to catch the eyes of students. Students stood on tables to advocate for their clubs and offered treats to lure students in.. For instance, the AVID club enticed students with candy, while The Eagle’s Eye lured people in with munchkins.

The Activities fair was also booming with music. The Peacock Society had brought in a large speaker trying to get the attention of not only the Indian crowd of students but every single student at EHS. The top hits of Bollywood music filled the room and brought more than one hundred kids to sign up for their club. The music really brought the life of the party as people on the floor began dancing and singing to all the tunes of Bollywood.

Another popular club was the Ping Pong Table club, which actually decided to give students a live presentation of club life. They brought in two Ping Pong Tables and offered live interactive games. Continuously, there was a crowd of students at this club waiting for a turn or ready to play another match.

The Activities Fair ended around 4 PM as many different clubs started wrapping up their posters and tri-folds. Students looking to join extracurricular organizations were granted an opportunity to do so, and clubs clubs were able to expand their membership. Overall, the Activities Fair was another successful one for EHS!