Indoor Band and Percussion Season

As the marching band season ended, indoor band and percussion commenced. This group includes the front ensemble and drumline without any winds or brass. In addition, indoor band provides extra training for percussionists. The season stretches from December to April. “With the group, we run productive, high-intensity rehearsals and we get the work done, and at the end of the day, we get to step back and look at the outcome we all made together,” said Ashley Haines ‘21. 

Rehearsals during this pandemic consist of basics being learnt over online and in person practices. “Right now, we’re doing everything online with zoom.  It’s not really fun, but at least it’s something,” Peter Loeffler ’23 said. The month of December is when both the indoor band and percussion hold auditions and learn the basics. Later onwards in January, members practice different drills, and by February, the production of the show starts, along with competitions. “ I don’t feel a change in atmosphere or how we usually put in the effort,” Haines said. “We all spend time together talking online, so the relationships and bonds are still being built.”

Around three days a week for about three hours a day, the indoor band practices, following protocols under the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association. This includes social distancing and filling out symptom questionnaires. In a regular season, the band would travel to different schools to perform in front of judges and score against other competing schools. Due to COVID-19, performances are now videotaped and digitally sent for the judges’ viewing. Judges send back tapes with critiques and then close out with a virtual awards ceremony.

Compared to marching band, indoor band is easier to maintain because all the instruments consist of drums.  Although there is a lack of participation this season due to COVID-19, “The kids that are going to do it are going to get the training they want….honestly most of those people were in outdoor marching band and are kind of used to what it is at this point,” said Band Director, Marc Denicuolo.  Despite all of these hurdles, Edison High’s indoor band and percussion plans to lead a successful season as they have done consistently for many years.