Giving a Helping Hand


In the past year, the world suffered at the hands of multiple conflicts, such as the coronavirus pandemic and the tumultuous election. To help lighten the world, the international humanitarian organization C.A.R.E. established the Giving Tree in hopes of helping the less fortunate in Edison. This charity has proved successful and has helped numerous people across the United States. Amidst the pandemic, this program has proven more crucial than ever in supplying people with essential needs as millions of Americans suffer from unemployment. 

For twenty years and counting, the Edison Giving Tree facilitated through the Counseling department aims to distribute essential necessities during the holiday season for underprivileged families. These necessities include food, clothing, and toys. Students, teachers, and other volunteers pitch in their efforts to help those in need and promote a heartwarming atmosphere around Edison.

“I have witnessed that when the families receive their presents they are overcome with joy and happiness but mainly they express thankfulness and gratitude. It is very overwhelming to see such kindness over the season,” said Dr. Diane Braungard-Galayda, a facilitator and supporter of the Giving Tree event and Supervisor of Counseling at EHS. Her words communicate the motivations of those who participated in the Giving Tree.

“I organized the event with the Counseling Department and Mrs. Ramos because what a better way to help and aid our school community? My family and I contribute because we believe and practice the belief of paying it forward,” Braungard said.  

As the holiday season passes and the new year begins, people start to look with optimism towards a better year. Hopefully, the tradition of community service in the Giving Tree event will continue to make the EHS community a better place for everyone.

Photo Credit: Alyson Zhang ’22