EHS is Diwalit


Diwali is a Hindu holiday, also known as the festival of lights, and is commemorated with fireworks, cultural dresses, and lots of delicious food. Sometimes called Deepavali, the name signifies “row of lights” in Sanskrit. The holiday brings in the start of the Hindu new year and honors the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Though Diwali falls on the Monday of October 28, The EHS Peacock Society held their annual “Diwalit” celebration on Friday, October 18.

The party began at 6:00 p.m. in the school’s cafeteria. All students came in Indian attire: girls in lehengas, a cropped blouse and skirt, and guys in kurtas, a loose collarless shirt. The Diwalit party was successful in selling a lot of tickets, and many people from different backgrounds, schools, and grades attended. Jam-packed with people, the cafeteria was humid and congested. For people that did not celebrate the holiday, the party was an opportunity to learn more about Indian culture. Many people from different schools in and out of Edison came to have a good time. It was an enjoyable party that lasted about four hours.

At the beginning of the party, people took the time to take pictures with their friends and eat some Indian food. For the next three hours, the party was full of dancing, singing, and taking photos. Ishani Kunadharaju, a fellow student here at EHS described the Diwali party as “amazing, fun, and a chance to see some of my friends and meet new people.” Many people talked about being dissatisfied with the DJ for not playing songs all the way through, but the crowd still kept dancing until their feet hurt. Even if you were a person who did not enjoy parties, most people found themselves letting loose and dancing the night away.

Overall, the Diwali Party hosted by the EHS Peacock Society was a huge hit with the many people who attended. This night, filled with festivities, allowed many people to get together with their friends and decompress from the long school week. Although many students were exhausted because the party was on a Friday night, they did not let that stop them from coming to have a good time. Hopefully, the EHS Peacock Society keeps this tradition and continues to have this party for many years ahead.