Eagles and Hawks Fly Together



On September 6, 2019, the Edison football team took J.P. Stevens’ field by storm. The game ended in a landslide win for the Eagles with a score of 35-0.

Edison came in strong for the first game of the season, both on the field and off the field. Lucas Loffredo (#13) scored four touchdowns, passed 54 yards, and rushed 38 yards. Tyee Martin (#1) scored two touchdowns. Emanuel Davila (#6) scored one touchdown that night. The football team displayed a strong offense against the JPS players, totaling seven touchdowns within the game. Also, the varsity cheerleaders debuted their new 2019-2020 captains: Ashley Montuoro, Jenna Papa, Kiersten Tierney, Megan Laposta, and Mekaya Williams. Off the field, the Eagle’s Nest participated in a red out. Working with the cheerleaders, the Nest cheered for the team and raised the school spirit. Even though the game was held at J.P. Stevens, there were more students present from the Edison side.

This game was dedicated to JPS Class of 2019 cheerleader Shalini C. who passed away in the months prior. The game began with a moment of silence for Shalini and an exchange of yellow roses from the Edison cheerleaders to the J.P. cheerleaders. Also, bracelets and t-shirts were sold on the JP side for Shalini’s family. This symbolized a moment of unity between the north and south side.