Olympics at Home


The Edison High School Science Olympiad team, although recently formed, maintained its competitive edge throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, the team competed in two major competitions: the Case Western Reserve University Invitational and the Marquette University Invitational. In these competitions, the team secured several medals, proving the team’s determination in adapting to the new format.

Previously, the events took place at the academic institutions; however, for Case Western and Marquette, participants completed a timed online test. Both events transpired within weeks of each other, Case Western Reserve University starting on February 6 and Marquette University on March 20. 

In the standard Science Olympiad format, each school sends a team of fifteen students to competitions. Each competition has several “events” that test students’ knowledge in topics such as astrophysics, chemistry, or experimental design. Furthermore, the content is often at a level beyond high school, pitting some of the brightest students across the nation against each other. 

Nevertheless, the Eagles managed to earn medals in several events. Across both the Marquette University and Case Western Reserve University, the EHS team earned a total of nine medals. At the Case Western Reserve University miniScience Olympiad Competition, Edison earned four medals in the Dynamic Planet, Machines, Protein Modeling, and Water Quality events. Similarly, at the Marquette University Science Olympiad competition, Edison earned five medals in Code Busters, Machines, Write-it CAD-it, and Dynamic Planet, with Sounds of Music earning a first place medal. 

As the Eagles prepared for the New Jersey Science Olympiad states competition from April 13 to April 15, teammates looked forward to future competitions given the current trajectory of the team.

“I think that EHS Scioly will continue to improve over the next few years as many of our most talented members are juniors or underclassmen,” says Avinash Aravind ‘23, a team member competing in the Geologic Mapping and Dynamic Planet events. 

Vinay Menon ‘23 shared similar sentiments with his teammate.  “I think it’s on a good trajectory so far, and as long as we don’t stagnate, we should consistently become more competitive and eventually be able to contend with the local titans of the competition,” said Menon, a competitor in Astronomy and Sounds of Music. 

Officer Nandana Vinod ‘21 commented on the progress of the Science Olympiad team thus far. “Despite the Science Olympiad being such a new club in our school, we are doing really well. As we compete in more competitions, we keep placing higher and higher. We’re really representing Edison High School. In the future I hope we make nationals, and I hope the team does well in all future competitions,” Vinod said. 

Overall, the team is looking forward to improving in the future with high hopes for the upcoming states competition.