Prom: Even During a Pandemic



As prom season approaches, many seniors are starting to prepare for the long-awaited celebration. From buying expensive dresses and suits to finding dates to purchasing party buses and limousines, there is much to plan for. With questions lingering in the air and students getting impatient, the Senior Class officers—Abigail Alvarez ‘21, Danial Arab ‘21, Rishab Gera ‘21, Ayush Jasnani ‘21, and Neil Patel ‘21—decided to host a Senior Prom Information Zoom call on March 26th, 2021. Along with the Senior Class officers, principal Mr. Charles Ross, assistant principal Mrs. Nicole Himmelstein, and class advisor Mr. Michael Piccolo also attended the Zoom meeting.

Only Edison High School seniors will be allowed to attend this year’s celebration, partly due to the strict guidelines enforced by the Edison Board of Education and the pandemic. This upset a handful of seniors who either have significant others from other high schools or in the grades below the Class of 2021. The students created a petition in hopes of persuading the Edison BOE to change the guidelines. Over thirty emails were sent back and forth between seniors, the administration, and Himmelstein, who intervened in the chain, informed students about the upcoming Senior Prom Info meeting. 

Ross was firm that the strict guidelines would remain in place, and this decision would likely remain unturned. But he also wanted the seniors to know that he understood their frustration and was willing to answer any questions through his email. He also mentioned his prior speech from the Fall Athletics meeting, reminding students that a COVID outbreak meant all Edison High events would be canceled. 

With the important questions out of the way, the Senior Class Officer announced the Prom details. The event will be on Friday, June 18, at the Forest Lodge in Warren, New Jersey. and officially begin at 7 p.m. Check-ins will start at 6 p.m, and the night will end at 11 p.m. Masks are mandatory for Prom, and the Senior Class officers are currently trying to find a way to get all attendees COVID tested. The evening’s menu is still unfinalized, with students dietary needs still yet to be finalized. Tickets will be $85 and sold on April 22, 23, and 27 in the school auditorium. 

The Senior Class officers also sent an invitation to the senior class, looking for students who want to be involved in the Prom committee. They are relying on students to help them and are looking for people who have creative ideas that can work with an outdoor environment, as well as those who can accommodate to any new guidelines coming from the CDC.

This year’s Senior Prom is sure to be different than all those before it, but Edison High’s Senior Class Officers are looking to make it one to remember.