Senior of the Month: Erin Go


January’s senior of the month, Erin Go, is no stranger to the soccer field; in her years at Edison High School, Erin has not only been a dedicated athlete on the varsity girl’s soccer team, but she has also earned her title. In her soccer career, Erin has also received the Frank N. Cangelosi Award for Outstanding Female Scholar-Athlete, rewarding her for her commitment to both academics and athletics at EHS.

Erin additionally dedicates her time as the president of Edison High School’s Rotary Club and National Science Honors Society.

Of the many contributions that Erin has made to Edison High School in the past four years, she feels the most for her involvement in charity and dedication to unity. She explains, “My greatest contribution to the school is my drive to lead in a manner that not only helps people feel included but also encourages them to work together to bridge the gaps separating people. Through Rotary Club—though our service opportunities have been limited this year—the other officers and I have worked toward this goal, whether it be in the form of reaching out to the elderly during this especially isolating time, or fundraising to support efforts in the eradication of polio in other countries.” 

Off of the field and outside of the classroom, Erin can be found in the kitchen, surrounded by aromas of new recipes and sweet treats. Erin’s culinary proclivity can be attributed to her family’s emphasis of tradition and culture, as she recalls, “Growing up as an immigrant, my parents were very adamant on preserving our culture and much of this preservation was through food and lots of cooking, and so whenever I saw my parents cooking, I always wanted to join in on the fun.” She has continued nursing her interest in cooking throughout the pandemic: “Due to quarantine, I’ve been able to cook a lot more with my sister and try new recipes.”

Erin’s years at Edison High have offered her a myriad of opportunities, making it difficult for her to choose a favorite memory. However, she does reflect upon memorable experiences with friends, “I would say that I most treasure the many different memories I’ve made with the friends that I’ve grown very close to during my high school experience.”

Erin’s past four years at EHS have offered many lessons, in and out of the classroom, and she would advise incoming freshmen to “enjoy the experience while it lasts, as cliche as it sounds.” She recalled, “My freshman year, sitting there at the fall sports meeting, I didn’t fully internalize Mr. Ross’ words that these four years would go by so fast, and because of that, I think I took these years for granted.” Living in the moment, thus, became one of her priorities: “I skipped a lot of events holed up in my room studying and doing my work, convinced that I’d have my senior year to enjoy high school, only to have my senior year taken away by this pandemic. At my very last soccer game, it truly hit me how quickly my high school experience is ending, and there are so many times looking back when I wish I had lived in the moment.”