Seniors of the Month

Shruti Garg

Some people have never moved in their lives. Most people have moved once or twice, even thrice. But do you know anyone who’s moved thirteen times?

Well, let me introduce you to Shruti Garg ‘20, an EHS senior who has recently been declared September Senior of the Month. As captain of the Girls Varsity Tennis Team, Shruti plays first doubles. Shruti has been a vital member of the school team since the start of her time in EHS. From sophomore year onwards, Shruti has been an active participant on the varsity team, playing both second singles and second doubles in the past.

But Shruti’s racket reaches beyond just the tennis courts. Her presidency of the Science Club is just one indication of this far-stretching role in EHS. She is also a captain of the math team, along with a member of National Honors Society and Science National Honors Society, all while being a part of the STEM Academy at EHS. Her active role in all of these clubs and activities embodies the hardwork and dedication this senior puts into each and every day.

A vital part of her life is her love of music. Always seen with her signature pair of headphones, Shruti’s love for music is boundless. She has been playing the guitar for five years now and used to play the Indian instrument, the harmonium, in the past.

Despite all these accomplishments, Shruti’s start in EHS was much like that of every freshman, if not more daunting. She recalls how the start of high school in EHS had her not knowing anybody in the school, since she didn’t go to middle school in Edison. Her time in EHS has gifted her with many friends and memories. She believes that rather than a single moment, a growing series of events in EHS have shaped her personality today.

She takes her experiences from her journey to advise us to enjoy life. She warns us not to take part in the activities you are “supposed to do,” but to follow your interests and let them guide you to doing what you enjoy. Of course, here she asserts that she is no way endorsing skipping class because that is “what you enjoy.” On a more serious note, she also assures you that the teachers are your friends and that proactively working with them will only enhance your time at EHS.

Shruti tells us that she has many fond memories of EHS. One of the most prominent of them includes a bonding session with her tennis teammates, on a rainy day. Stranded at a Perth Amboy meet on a rainy day during her sophomore year, Shruti and her teammates had hours to wait before the bus arrived. Taking what could have been a miserable time and converting into one of her favorite moments, Shruti and her team played games and had a great time waiting together. She jokingly tells us, “ For a long time afterwards we actually modified our chant to include that night, ask anyone from that year’s varsity tennis team about Kumcha it up.”

We should this example of seeing the brighter things in life as our inspiration from Shruti as we look forward to the rest of our school career.

A man of many faces and talent, Malachi White ’20 is one of Edison High’s Seniors of the Month.

Malachi White

Malachi White has recently been named one of Edison High School’s Seniors of the Month. He is Edison High School’s President of General Student Council, a Robert Wood Johnson Safety Ambassador, a member of UMOJA, and an AVID student. All six-foot-three-inches of him are committed to being a source of inspiration for Edison High School.

To say Malachi is dedicated to basketball is an understatement. As a motivated member of the school’s varsity team, he continues to inspire students to reach towards their goals.

However, his well-rounded character has also found an appreciation for literature. His interest in creative writing and reading is something to be emulated. Malachi continues to explain, “These are all hobbies that I’ve grown to enjoy whenever I need to escape the pressures of everyday life and to clear my mind.”

Malachi’s perserverance is commendable. His successes in life have truly come from within; and, believing in yourself is the first step. He dedicates his achievements in his high school career to those who believed in him. “Over my time here at EHS, my parents and teachers have impacted me and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and to be the change that I want to see in the world,” Malachi explained.

Being the inspirational and experienced student he is, his advice to freshman would be: “… it’s gonna go by really fast and that they should take advantage of each and every day.” His suggestion is a reflection of his time in EHS. Malachi is a student who has committed to multifarious goals and has no regrets. His mantra is one to abide by.

His various contributions to our school serve as a good example of mannerism and dedication. His vision for the future includes creating a more cohesive environment at our school. His goals are to be applauded as well as carried through.

The epitome of his character is his appreciation for all he has, for he is a student who has made a home in every club and organization he has joined. He commends the teachers around him for being an inspiration.

Malachi thanks his sophomore year English teacher, Ms. Pellicio, for making him the strong, independent student he is. “She encouraged me to view the world and society from a different perspective. And in some cases, she forced me out of my comfort zone and inspired me to be a difference-maker in my environment.”

Stacey Zhang

A favorite quote of Stacey Zhang ‘20’s, October Senior of the Month and senior class president, is “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen,” said by Winston Churchill. This quote teaches us all an important life lesson. Stacey Zhang ‘20 exerts this exact courage in order to successfully carry out all her daily interactions and contribute to our school as much as she does.

Stacey’s versatility and success in everything she does makes her an outstanding athlete, an academically motivated student, and a highly involved member of our school. As a member of EHS Lady Eagles Volleyball, Stacey is the setter for the varsity team. She has played on the Lady Eagles team for the duration of her time at EHS.

Not only is her involvement in sports prominent, but her activity in the school community also stands out as well. Along with being President of her class, she is the president of the National Chinese Honor Society as well as a member of the Tri-M Music Honors Society.

She is a flute player for Wind Ensemble and a pianist for Jazz Ensemble. Her twelve years of experience playing the piano (including a Carnegie Hall performance) have made her one of EHS’s most famous and featured piano accompanists as well a dedicated musician. Apart from this, music is a way to unwind for her. In her own words, “I live and breathe music!”

The time and effort Stacey has put into all of her extracurriculars and interests has paid off to produce what she calls one of the most influential moments in her time as a student at EHS. She believes that the passion she has poured into all of these activities has earned her the Senior of the Month award.

This award only supplements the wide range of accolades she gives her school. She credits EHS with expanding her view on diversity and allowing her to appreciate the various cultures of all the students in our school.

If you are wondering how you can ever measure up her, look no further. Her advice to all underclassmen? Get involved! She says “you will make your closest friends, experience your best memories, and meet your favorite teachers only by participating more in school events.” Her high rate of participation in our school community has helped bring to life so many of our beloved events.

Senior of the Month Cameron Keating ’20 takes time out of his busy schedule to pose with his dog. He urges all students to “get involved” to enjoy their time at Edison High.

Cameron Keating

“Service Above Self,” the mantra of Rotary International, is keenly followed by Senior of the Month, Cameron Keating ‘20. He embodies the hardworking student motto and found his dedication to education and society rewarding when we earned the positions of the President of National Honor Society, the President of Science National Honor Society, and the Treasurer of the Senior Class.

His love for bettering society and making Edison High School a better community is showcased by his statement: “Through these organizations, I manage a volunteer service, I inspire younger students to pursue science, and I organize fundraisers for our Prom, respectively.”

His personality is represented by the memories he has made at Edison High School. Some of Keating’s favorite memories are “the Class of 2020’s Moana Movie Night, Dodgeball for Charity, EHS’s Walkout in solidarity with the Parkland students, Science National Honors Society Science Day at Washington School, and the Class of 2019 Graduation.”

But memories like this would not have been possible without applying Keating’s number one piece of advice: “Get involved.” This coincides with his largest contribution to Edison High School throughout his four year career. The National Honors Society members committed themselves to the creation of a charity carried on by National Honors Society for years to come. One may say this lasting legacy will only progress with motivated and inspirational students; a litany Cameron recites.

Cameron leaves the following advice with the pride and joy of Edison High School, “Attending Edison public schools, receiving this high quality education, and having all of these opportunities represents immense privilege. Thus, we must use this privilege to champion the most vulnerable in society.”

Cameron Keating, a student with passion and drive; indeed, he is a person whose character will remain a legacy for years to come.