Seniors Win Annual Holiday Hallway Decorating Contest


Like every year, students from grades nine through twelve gathered after school to make the cafeteria hallway festive for the holiday season. Due to inclement weather, the event was held on Thursday, December 5 instead of Monday, December 1. Each class worked diligently to earn the title of the best-decorated class wall. This year, the senior class of 2020 continues to hold the title for first place, their theme centered around the timeline of their lives.

Nonetheless, all the displays captured the essence of the winter holiday season in one way or another. The sophomores held second place with their Christmas in New York City theme, juniors received third place with their Spongebob Squarepants—Christmas in Bikini Bottom scene, and the freshmen managed fourth place with their Christmas in Hawaii theme. 

Students and their respective class clubs spent time in advance preparing the decorations to display a cohesive exhibit on the walls of the EHS cafeteria hallway. These preparations included drawing, painting, taping, cutting, and gluing. Class advisors provided the supplies needed for the event, guiding the students along in their artistic pursuits and encouraging an organized, collaborative effort.

During this time, students enjoyed each other’s company as they completed their assigned tasks. “It was hard work,” laughed Nandana Vinod ‘21, “but definitely worth the time I spent with my friends!” Even though there can only be one winner, the students’ time was well spent with each other— after all, that’s what the whole holiday season is all about!

When the decorations were complete, the General Student Council provided everyone who contributed with a free pizza dinner. Malachi White ‘20, General Student Council President, commented:  “Over my four years of seeing the finished products of hallway decorating, this year stood out to me more than any other. I got to see first hand just how hard each class had to work in order to turn their ideas into reality. And boy did they impress! Everyone that participated deserved pizza not only as a reward for their hard work but also because it’s tradition. And I’m sure that they were hungry after being at school all day. Holiday decorating 2019 was not only a success but also, a true testament to what it means to be an Eagle!”

These decorations remained in the hallway until the days leading up to winter break, after which we come back in the new year of 2020. And now, the wait for another holiday season and another holiday hallway decoration contest begins!

Featured Image Photographer: Abigail Alvarez