Winter Choir Showcase



While varsity sports players were being recognized in the auditorium, music rang throughout the art wing’s hallways. On Wednesday, December 11, the choir winter showcase took place. Multiple talented musicians sang Christmas carols or played musical instruments. The singers were as follows:

Christopher Adames ‘20, Sadya Ahmad ‘23, Lawrence Chan ‘22, Danielle Dick ‘20, Lauren Dick ‘22, Garid Garcia ‘22, Maddison Goode ‘20, Mohammed Fiyaz ‘20, Louis Forgione ‘20, Hannah Martin ‘21, Jessica Momanyi ‘20, Mary Nielson ‘23, Reetu Edupugauti ‘23, Evan Tibok ‘22, and Stacey Zhang ‘20.

Students dedicated hours of time to practicing these songs, and their hard work should be shared with the Edison student body! Here are some highlights of the night. 

A large majority of the performers banded together to perform a piece from the winter concert, “Carol of the Bells.” Pictured singing, from left to right are: Lauren Dick ‘22, Christopher Adames ‘20, Hannah Martin ‘21, Evan Tibok ‘22, Maddison Goode ‘20, Lawrence Chan ‘22, Danielle Dick ‘20, and Garid Garcia ‘22. This unity between kids of different grades and choirs demonstrate just how the Edison High choir is truly a happy family.

Despite the Tri-M Honor Society hosting competitions between the three music groups at Edison High School, students from the different groups get along together quite well! Pictured here is Stacey Zhang ‘20 from the band playing piano. Paired with her is Louis Forgione ‘20 from the choir. 

Four students from Edison High School’s chamber choir came together to sing “Let it Snow,” which they performed around the school on Monday, December 23rd, for singagrams. From left to right, you can see Garid Garcia ‘22, Maddison Goode ‘20, Lauren Dick ‘22 and Danielle Dick ‘20. These students incorporated the use of bells to make their performance feel more authentic. 

Some freshmen participated in the showcase! Sadya Ahmad ‘23 (left) and Reetu Edupugauti ‘23 (right) learned and performed their beautiful duet all within a few days! 

In all, the diligent students who practiced outside of choir, learned new music, and took time to perform for this showcase deserved recognition!

Featured Image Artist: Imamah Azeem ’22