A Trip Down Memory Lane: Crossing 2000s St and 2010s Ave


What to Expect in 2020: 

The fantasies of yesterday are slowly creeping up behind us. Huge technological advancements are sneakily skulking in the shadows, and boy, is Generation Z in for a show! Commercial space travel companies like SpaceX, Rocket Lab, and Blue Origin are preparing our generation for long-term space travel. NASA’s Artemis program is aiming to land the first American man and woman on the Moon in 2024 since the last Moon landing of the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. Google, Tesla, and other Tech Giants are making autonomous automobiles a dream come true, as tech experts predict that self-driving cars will steadily dominate our highways. Advancements in AI (Artificial Intelligence), AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), and ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) will prove to be paramount in the medical and aerospace industries, as well as the military. The dawn of 5G, fifth-generation cellular wireless, promises to speed up broadband connections and increase bandwidth speeds. Humanity is in for a wild ride in the 2020s as computers get smarter and humans get more powerful. Thus, it is crucial for our generation to not only focus on the technological advancements of the future, but we should also associate ourselves with self-sustainability on Mars or combating climate change here at home. Nonetheless, let us reminisce about our past, to serve as a positive reminder for our futures.

Have a fantastic 2020, Generation Z!

Photo Credit: Paul Yoakum