Teacher by Day, Backstage by Night: Roseanna Scimone


Time management is difficult for everyone, but Ms. Roseanna Scimone has found a creative outlet that does not interfere with her time with her students, family, and colleagues. Throughout middle school to college, Ms. Scimone was involved heavily in the theatre department as an onstage actor. About two years ago, Mrs. O’Connor, the theatre department director, was looking to hire a new set crew chief, and Ms. Scimone suggested this role to her brother, a college senior. In the end, she and her brother took on the roles together, one sibling designing (Ms. Scimone) and the other bringing the play’s vision to life (Mr. John Scimone). 

So far, Ms. Scimone has participated in four productions at Edison High, balancing her time with teaching and other hobbies. She spends anywhere from forty to ninety hours on each production, from sketching to helping build the set. At the moment, she teaches LLD (learning-language disabilities) freshmen and sophomores, along with three classes of Algebra I. In addition, she helps run the Java Lounge every other Friday morning. Although Ms. Scimone has honed her time management skills, she emphasizes how difficult it can be. However, with teamwork and the support of her colleagues, family, and students, she manages to plan the set beautifully. 

Even with all the work Ms. Scimone puts into backstage, she still manages to have fun. When building a set with her brother and the high school crew students, Ms. Scimone always has a good time. Moreover, she gets along well with Mrs. O’Connor, adding to the appeal of continuing this hobby. The theatre department can always count on her to create the most stunning backdrops for the Edison High School plays and musicals.