Unlocking the Inner Edison High


Edison High School is more than just a school, its students going far beyond academic excellence in their pursuits. However, many are still unaware of the programs, ranging from its participation in various varsity sports to the indispensable role of our guidance counselors, offered by Edison High,

According to the statistics on the Edison High School website, “Edison High School has higher AP passing scores than nine of the top twenty public schools listed by New Jersey Monthly and more National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists than ten of these Top Twenty schools. EHS offers eighteen Advanced Placement and 38 Honors courses in a variety of disciplines.” It’s clear that the students of Edison High are exceptional in their academics. There’s so much more to our student body, though! The Edison High School website confirms that “Our athletes participate in the Greater Middlesex Conference Red and White Divisions in 22 varsity sports.”  Making it into the Red and White Divisions is a huge achievement that sets Edison High apart from other schools, a true indication of just how hard our student body works to make Edison High incredible.

Edison High’s incredible guidance counselors also play a large role in students’ college endeavors. Our counselors would like to send a message out to the entire student body: “We counselors would like everyone to know that one aspect of our job is to write letters of recommendation.” To those preparing to go to college, it’s important to know that in these letters, the counselors address how students have grown in character from freshman year through senior year. This can be marked through participation in clubs, school-wide activities, and community efforts. 

In addition, guidance counselors request for senior students to “complete a survey that showcases their experience at Edison High School… to help showcase the students [and their growth] to college admissions counselors.” This letter, also known as the 4th aspect, is what admissions counselors look at when deciding on a student’s acceptance to a college. It is important to speak with your counselor and make appointments with them; befriend your guidance counselor in your freshman year. You will know how crucial your counselor is in your senior year! 

Edison High School is a special place where if you work hard, you’ll learn to achieve your goals. Make use of all these lesser-known programs to set yourself up for success, and your future self will thank you!

Photo Credit: Taken from publicdomainpictures.net