Seniors of the Month: Vincent Nguyen

Do you know anyone who can do a kip-up? Well, one of your September Seniors of the Month, Vincent Nguyen ‘21, can complete this complicated move. Such a cool trick is just one amongst the many activities, interests, and passions that Nguyen has pursued throughout high school.

Nguyen competes both physically and intellectually on the behalf of our school. He is not only a dedicated member of the school’s wrestling team, but also co-captain of the school’s math team.

Beyond these extracurricular activities however, Nguyen also enjoys an assortment of hobbies. One classical sport as some might call it—chess—has long been his companion, since his days in elementary school aftercare. Furthermore, Nguyen enjoys watching anime, an interest that has grown from his childhood love for Beyblades and Dragon Ball Z. 

Nguyen’s fondest memories of his time as Edison High School trace back to the school’s annual Diwalit Party thrown by the Peacock Society, where he recalls hanging out and dancing with his friends. It is such memories that have shaped Vincent’s perspective on the most important lesson he has learned: not to get caught up in expectations or appearances, but rather to pursue one’s ideal version of self.

As Nguyen is unable to select a single moment from his time at EHS that has shaped this version of himself, he believes that his time in high school has been a cumulative, personality shaping experience. It is during this time that he has also discovered his strong passion for all things STEM. 

While his junior and senior year have been heavily impacted by the pandemic, Nguyen hopes to see more events and activities for future students of EHS to participate in so that they can enjoy their time in the school and grow, as he has.

Nguyen attributes much of this growth to his tenth grade Pre-Calculus teacher and math team advisor, Michelle Downey. Just as Nguyen believes Mrs. Downey has the capability to brighten his day and increase his interest in math, Mrs. Downey calls him, ““a hard worker in class, but [also someone who] can also joke around when the time is appropriate.” Ultimately, Nguyen’s activities, involvement in our school, and personality make Edison High School proud.