Girls Tennis a Smash Hit

The Girls Tennis team recently concluded an unprecedented season—a new coach, an influx of new players, and a history-making finish that resulted in their first-ever division championship banner.

With the pandemic restrictions easing, there were many new players added to the team. This created a broader range of students who would stick to the team, improve, and represent Edison High in the forthcoming future.

Varsity head coach Mr. Wesley Smith said, “I feel amazing! There was a tremendous jump from being only 14 girls to now being 40 girls on the team.”

Junior Varsity head coach Mr. David Legendre added that the “full slate of people and a full season was [like a] sense of normalcy.”

With the support of the team members, newer players felt welcomed. Some players even said that after a bad day of school, they would come to practice and feel a sense of security.

“It made me feel like I was appreciated,” said Lojein Elgebrawi ‘25. “As a freshman, I was terrified of high school and the tennis team made me feel at home.”

It made me feel like I was appreciated

— Lojein Elgebrawi, ‘25

This strength in numbers drove the team, leading them to a record-breaking score this season. The season started with a 3-2 win against North Brunswick and the team went on to defeat 16 of the 20 schools they played against.

By the end of the season, the girls had won first place in the White Division GMCs with a record of 11-2, bannering for the first time in Edison High Girls Tennis history. 

Despite changed circumstances and conditions, the Girls Tennis team of Edison High completed their season, breaking records and setting new ones. As Principal Mr. Charles Ross said, “They’ve been putting in a lot of great work and having a great season. A lot of the time these girls are some of the smartest and kindest people in the school, so I love to see them succeed.”