Senior of the Month: Megan Ulozas


taken by Alyson Zhang ’22

Avid Pokémon Go player and October’s Senior of the Month, Megan Ulozas ‘22, not only applies her positive attitude and wise intellect to the game but also to high school.

Ulozas is interested in pursuing either chemical engineering or medicine. On top of being an active member of Edison High’s Women-in-Stem club, she dedicates the majority of her free time to competing and teaching martial arts.

She continues to live by the adage “So, if you are too tired to speak, sit next to me because I, too, am fluent in silence” coined by author Ron Arnold. Her caring and empathetic nature are contagious to other students around her.

“I don’t need to understand every last detail of why my friend is upset or angry, but if I can be there with them, and support them as they work through it, then that is what is important to me. Likewise, when I feel sad or anxious, I ask my friends to do the same for me,” said Ulozas. She hopes that her optimistic mindset and bright personality are the light that shines in the dark.

“I attribute much of my growth to my junior year teachers, who pushed me to enjoy school and life as a whole,” she said.

Ulozas especially wants to thank Ms. Kruti Singh and Ms. Lynn Harris who gave her the confidence to pursue chemistry, a STEM-related field. She also thanks Mr. Mike Evans and Mr. Patrick McCaffery for always reaching out with helpful resources and encouraging her to be proactive in her education.

Her advice to the Class of 2025 is to reach out to people, teachers, peers, and even the upperclassmen. “The Eagles’ Nest includes you, and hopes for your happiness and success,” she said.

Ulozas finds it important to be involved and feel comfortable by maintaining good connections with various students and teachers. “From extra help on assessments to interesting webinars to fun after-school events,” she said, “the best way to feel confident and comfortable at school is to talk to other people, especially people who bring you up and make you feel good about yourself.”