Music to My Ears


Music is a popular pastime for many, often serving as a refresher for the mind. Especially for teens today, music is often a source of comfort and relaxation: just grab a seat and listen to music or dance to the beat as you enjoy the rhythm. Although music can be relaxing, controversy can often surround album drops by even the most renowned artists. The main issue that we discuss today is a debate on the lives of students today: Which album of the rivaling duo was better, Donda or Certified Lover Boy?

Dedicated to his late mother, Donda by Kanye West is his 10th album. The album contains 27 tracks, so you are bound to find a song that you can relate to. From Jay Z to The Weeknd, the album includes features from some of your favorite artists. It starts off with a track called Donda Chant. At first, it seems odd as the word “Donda” is repeated over and over. Behind the obscure nature of the song, this first track actually features a woman saying “Donda” 58 times to symbolize Kanye’s mother who died at the age of 58. Symbolism and deep meaning like this are encased throughout this album. West discovers not only his connection to his mom and Christianity, but the influence they have had on his creativity. 

The main issue that we discuss today is a debate on the lives of students today. Which album of the rivaling duo was better: ‘Donda’ or ‘Certified Lover Boy’?

Certified Lover Boy, Drake’s sixth album, outlines love in its entirety without forced masculinity. The album was announced and released within a week, rivaling the aforementioned West album Donda which was released over a month late. The 21-track album focuses on a plethora of themes from reciprocity in relationships to forgiveness and love through intuitive sound and lyrics. Certified Lover Boy also contains features from a myriad of artists including but not limited to Travis Scott, Lil Babby, and Tems. 

Overall, both albums made huge strides in the entertainment industry while also gaining publicity through controversy.