Cheerleading: More Than Reaches The Eyes


Cheerleading is a popular activity, with over twenty cheerleading teams in New Jersey alone and over three hundred cheer teams in the United States. However, not many people consider it a sport, yet just like every other sport, cheerleaders practice consistently to perfect routines.

The cheerleaders try their best to be better at what they do. As a part of Edison High School, they show school pride by doing their best. The Edison High cheerleading team is currently placed 12th in the state. To gain more insight about cheerleading, The Eagle’s Eye reached out to Arionna Orozco ‘23.

When asked about her overall point of view of being a cheerleader, Orozco stated, “I love it!” She is motivated to do her best for the team, no matter what challenges that she faces. 

Orozco also mentioned how more people are finding cheerleading more interesting. This is because of the new male cheerleading captain Gabriel Romero ’23. Orozco believes this will cause more males to join the cheerleading team.

“I feel happy because now I know that more males will be interested in joining the team,” she said.

When asked about what a cheerleader is to her, Orozoco believed that a cheerleader is also an athlete that works. She also says that being a cheerleader and a student can be tiring work.  

Overall, cheerleaders are hard workers who help show school pride. They manage the life of a student and the life of an athlete simultaneously in the hopes of becoming better at their craft.