Springing Into a New Marking Period


As the smells of spring blossoms and gentle winds cover the Western Hemisphere, we can safely say that cold, long winter nights are finally behind us. 

For Edison High, the Spring Equinox is a return back to more warm and friendly times. 

“The first thing that comes to mind for me is the warmth,” said Eduardo Nunez ‘24. “After a long winter of staying indoors and studying for school, there’s the joy of being able to go outside and bask in the sun with your friends.”

“When I think of the concept of spring, the first thing that comes to mind is the brown leaves littering the ground, and the soft crunching sound the leaves make when crushed,” said Nakul Narayanan ‘25. “It’s very satisfying to listen to the noises of disintegrating leaves on a quiet day.”

Coincidentally, the first few days of spring fall as the grading period comes to a close. Marking period three officially ended on April 6th, shutting to a close what is often described as one of the most “grueling” portions of the year.

“I am quite relieved at the marking period’s recent end, as the brunt of the assignments due for different classes almost entirely faded as it progressed,” said Narayanan.

“I feel happy for the most part as the school year is almost over and summer is about to start,” said Nirmit Bhoyar ‘25. “The weather is getting better which means I can now spend more time with my friends. Things also start to calm down in the fourth marking period.”

While the spring season does offer relief from the sometimes tiring nature of round-year schooling, it also offers students the opportunity to reflect upon what worked best for them during the past three grading quarters. The recent spring break allowed students to consider changes to their study habits while also providing time for interaction with friends and family. 

It also provided a time for students to consider opportunities outside the classroom.

“Spring allows for you to grow and improve in many different ways,” said Bhoyar. “You can apply for a job, gain volunteering hours, be more active, and more.”

“The springtime is definitely an opportunity for growth and improvement. The days are longer, thus we have more time to plan and achieve the goals that we build for ourselves,” said Nunez. 

Not everyone looks at the season the same way, however. 

I am quite relieved at the marking period’s recent end, as the brunt of the assignments due for different classes almost entirely faded as it progressed

— Nakul Narayanan ‘25

“I do not really see the springtime specifically as an opportunity for growth or improvement, as it is just a season or period of time,” said Narayanan. “However, the looming threat that is the NJSLA, planting itself just after the spring break, is an impetus within itself to improve, or at least prepare for the test.” 

Nevertheless, Edison High students have set goals for themselves this quarter. These goals, considering both academic and social improvement, truly demonstrate the Eagle spirit. 

“My goal for this marking period is to pass all my classes with an A- or above, and to be honest, I do not know any singular plan to accomplish this other than to keep up my current work, and maybe study a little more,” said Narayanan. “Another goal for this marking period is to limit procrastination, as to manage to procure time to take part in those hobbies that I normally do not have time for.” 

“My goals for this marking period are to end my bad habit of procrastination and prepare myself for the final exams that I have to take this marking period. I also want to make sure that I can balance academic rigor with time for leisure,” said Nunez. 

When asked how he would go about achieving his goal, Nunez discussed both the leisure time presented by spring break as well as the opportunity to begin anew upon our return to school in later April.

“Definitely take spring break as an opportunity to recharge, as I think everyone else should. Once we come back, I will keep a log of my activities during the day and come up with a new schedule,” Nunez added.

“[And I will] make sure to fix my sleep schedule as well.”