Boys Tennis Resumes


Among flowering trees and warmer weather, this spring season reintroduces numerous sports. Under Assistant Coach Ms. Joanne Markano and Head Coach Mr. Wesley Smith, boys tennis resumed on March 11th, 2022. With the dissolution of hybrid learning and the mask mandate, the athletes are facing a season reminiscent of pre-Covid times; ultimately, they are ready to submerge themselves in their passion alongside their teammates and coaches once again. 

The athletes took to the courts—racket in hand—to prepare for a season of progress. As tennis consists of two different types of matches, the athletes prepared themselves for either singles or doubles. Singles matches consist of one player versus another, while doubles matches consist of one duo against another. For new and veteran players, this option allows them to explore their independent playing styles or build coordination with other players.

Gaurung Vasan ‘23 said, “It gives you the chance to prove yourself unlike having limited chances when playing a sport that requires a huge team effort in a single match.”

Overall, the sport highlights the athletes’ individual efforts by providing constant opportunities for advancement. However, while the athletes may not always play together, they are still united through their love for the sport and continue to support each other from the sidelines. 

In addition to a chance at redemption and advancement, each season brings opportunities to develop new skills and bonds with new people. Ready to experience a season full of new challenges, the athletes possess the drive to succeed.

Arjun Popat ‘23 said, “I want to rack up as many wins as I can playing singles and improve my game as the season goes on.” With these new goals and aspirations, Popat is eager to tackle his checkpoints for this new season. As expressed by other athletes, the players also hope as a team to improve their winning record and to continually progress throughout the season. 

This season also welcomes new players who are curious about the sport. For any new players who may have doubts or are simply in need of some advice, the returning athletes inform that the sport requires an open mindset and the drive to work hard everyday.

Some of the athletes also expressed that they should focus mainly on their personal goals rather than playing because of outside pressure—whether that be from their friends or the looming idea of a resume for college. Another aspect the athletes mentioned was schoolwork, and like any other sport, it can become hard to manage both a sport and school. However, the athletes reassured that it is possible to find time for both as long as they are committed to the sport. 

The season is scheduled to end around the beginning of June depending on the team qualification for state tournaments. Overall, the players are looking forward to another season of intense matches and fun practices along with new skills and new memories. Progress awaits.