Get Sweaty and Be Healthy

Fitness Center Available for All



The fitness center when it’s unoccupied.

Located next to the auto tech room and behind the small gym, the Edison High fitness center is a place for students to physically better themselves. Whether students participate in sports or not, the “in-school gym” is open to all students. Open from 2:30 to 4 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, all that is necessary to work out is joining the Fitness Center Classroom (code cebf3cp) and filling out the permission Google form at the bottom of the stream. 

Athletes and non-athletes from all grades can come to the fitness center to work out. The large room has a broad range of materials: free weights, weight machines, cardio machines, jump ropes, mats, and much more. Dumbbells and barbells reigning in all different sizes and weights are accessible to fit everyone’s needs. Along with adjustable seats, pads, and backrests on the equipment, students can personalize workouts for their body type. 

It’s free and it’s right here available for you

— Mr. Jose Pan


 These tools accessible around the fitness center help students have better, more efficient workouts. For athletes, it gives them a way to train while off the field or court, helping them enhance their strength and flexibility.

 “I am currently a junior and have been sprinting for our track and field team for three years. When I was a rookie, I began lifting in the fitness center where my coach who had previously run track and field aided me in our weight training,” said Hailey Matz ‘23.

Ethan Rantung 25’ is not participating in sports this year, but he is using his free time to prepare for next season.

“I could be stronger and get bigger just for next year. I did decide that I wanted to do wrestling next year so it’s helped me prepare for that,” stated Rantung. 

Mr. Donaven Kregeloh doing a bent-over row with the weight machine in the fitness center. (NICHOLAS NGUYEN ’23)

The fitness center is useful to improve personal strength and get ahead of the competition, and peers and coaches are available to help. 

“It’s free and it’s right here available for you. Plus, I’m around if you need help on how to learn to do some lifting exercises or other types of exercises. I’m here also as a support for training to help anyone out,” said coach and Foreign Language teacher Mr. Jose Pan, who runs the fitness center after school.  

Because there is plenty of peer and teacher support, don’t feel shy to workout at the fitness center. It is a free way to use a variety of workout machines instead of paying for gym memberships. 

Students interested in exercising while the fitness center is closed during the summer should also check out Planet Fitness’ new way to encourage high schoolers to work out from May through August.