A Hole-in-One for Boys Golf

The Edison High varsity boys golf team has concluded its season with a winning record of 14–1, one of the best in the history of the school’s program. The team also placed first in the White Division for the Greater Middlesex Conference (GMC).

“Winning the GMC White division was a surreal experience for me,” said Ryan Lin ‘24. “To my knowledge, this is the first occurrence in EHS history, which is a true accomplishment.”

Edison concluded its season with a 161–168 victory over Piscataway on May 10th. The team’s effort was led by Mohit Sanagavarapu ‘22, who shot two strokes under par, and strong shooting performances from Ethan and Ryan Lin ’25  as well as Atharva Inamdar ‘24. 

The team began the season on a thirteen-game winning streak, only losing once to Piscataway the rest of the season to end 14–1 in a very successful season.

“After starting the season 5–0, we already knew this was going to be a great season,” said Inamdar. “We had a greatly improved roster and were all determined to win. It wasn’t guaranteed at any point, but every time, even if some of us had a bad day, others pulled through.”

Each teammate was driven by one factor: commitment to the success of the team. This commitment revealed itself on gameday. 

“Eventually, we learned to depend on each other, and this mutual dependence and collective success led to the 14–1 season,” said Inamdar.

Playing with each other over the course of a full season has allowed the team’s players and coaches to bond with each other and further their personal development. 

“l feel that every season coached adds to who we are as coaches,” said Head Coach Donaven Kregeloh. “Every season is different, which molds us into better coaches!”

“It’s important to me to become a better teammate, so I’m glad I got to be with a good group of guys,” said Sanagavarapu. “They all worked hard, they all did their part. It felt good for me to be a part of that — that was special.”

Looking to the future, the team hopes to continue its success with a strong performance next year. 

“This season has given me motivation,” said Inamdar. “We have tasted success and I am confident that, with the hard work of our current roster, we can achieve success next year.”

“Future goals will consist of getting these boys involved in summer programs to better their play,” said Kregeloh. “We have a young team and look forward to more accomplishments through the years!”

For Ryan Lin, the years ahead present opportunities to further develop as a player and a teammate. 

“I plan on playing golf next year. This year’s victory will be a stepping stone for next season, serving as further motivation to succeed,” said Lin. “Our top player, Mohit, will be leaving next year, so we will have to step up our game. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to next year and the experiences to come.”

For Sanagavarapu, who will be playing collegiate golf next year, the title victory is an opportunity to reflect upon the successes of the season and give advice to potential recruits. 

“Number one, have fun with it — that’s the most important thing,” said Sanagavarapu. “But also, it’s something that takes time to get good at, so stay with it. It takes a lot of passion, a lot of hard work, but when you get the results you want to get, like with anything, there’s nothing like it.”

Sanagavarapu underscores the necessary balance to be successful as a student athlete.

“That’s why I’m here right now, because I had fun with it when I first started. So have fun and work hard.”