Band Parents Host Successful Fundraiser


Toni Williams

Band bonding together with great food.


On May 13th, the Edison Band Parent Organization hosted their 9th annual tricky tray. Held in the cafeteria and starting at 6 p.m., dozens of students, band parents, and participants gathered to pull off the biggest fundraiser for the Edison High School band program. 

Erkabay Girma ‘23 and Leah Bushra ‘23 handing a prize basket to a winning participant. (TONI WILLIAMS)

For some background on how tricky tray works, different prizes and prize baskets are donated in preparation for the event. Participants—who must be over eighteenplace their tickets into the containers of the prizes they wish to win, and the tricky tray event consists of callings for the prizes. 

“It’s uplifting to see a bunch of people come together to support something their children are passionate about,” said Sebastian Pridady ‘23.

This year’s tricky tray prizes included bicycles, VR headsets, Nespresso Machines, Ninja Power Blenders, dog beds, and backyard barbecue essentials. On the day of the event, members of Tri-M Honor Society and the music departments came out to help serve food and give prizes.


It’s uplifting to see a bunch of people come together to support something their children are passionate about”

— Sebastian Pridady '23

“Getting to hang out with fellow band kids outside of practicing is always nice,” said Kavya Manduva ‘22.

However, most of the work for tricky tray came in the form of preparation and donations, which was done by the band parents. During the weeks leading up to the event, band parents came in night after night to wrap prize baskets and prepare tickets. Due to issues with COVID-19, there were fewer people helping to prepare for tricky tray this year.

Tricky Tray baskets lined up in the big gym. (TONI WILLIAMS)

On the night of tricky tray, band parents at the event were asked how they felt about the event after months of preparation. The general consensus among the band parents was a feeling of relief, but Band Parent Organization President Toni Williams said, “It’s been really difficult this year because we had less help than usual, but I’m really happy at the turnout and that we made it to this point.”