Steinlauf Seals Senior of the Year Success


Hannah Steinlauf '22

Steinlauf with Mr. Charles Ross at her Senior of the Year award night.


With graduation impending, Hannah Steinlauf ’22 has been selected by Edison High School (EHS) as this year’s Rotary Senior of the Year.

“I wasn’t expecting this award. I was just being me and I just kept doing the things that I was passionate about, like dance, theatre, and newspaper,” said Steinlauf. 

Steinlauf’s involvement in academics, extracurriculars, and activities outside of school have assisted her in obtaining the title of Senior of the Year and establishing herself as a diligent and bright individual. 

Currently, the leadership positions she holds at EHS are vice president of the theater department and editor-in-chief of The Eagle’s Eye. She is also a member of the treble choir and the Future Teachers Club, as she desires to return to Edison High School as a history teacher in the future. 

“The teachers at Edison High have truly changed my life and inspired me to become a teacher as well. And so, I hope to be as influential in someone else’s life as they’ve been in mine,” Steinlauf states. 

Steinlauf is also a member of the National Honor Society (NHS), Spanish National Honor Society (SNHS), International Thespian Society (ITS), and Math Honor Society (MAT). 

Branch out to what you think you will enjoy so that you can find your home.”

— Hannah Steinlauf '22

Outside of school, she currently works at two locally owned businesses: the Ice Cream House and the Coffee House. Steinlauf is a shift lead, and she trains new employees. In addition, she takes dance classes, and she also teaches dance every Saturday morning. 

“I know it might sound like a lot to do, but I manage to keep it all balanced!” Steinlauf said.  

The Ramapo-bound student also had a variety of valuable and amusing memories in her four years at EHS—particularly during her senior year. 

“Being the baker’s wife in the spring musical, Into The Woods, was the biggest role I’ve ever had in theatre,” Steinlauf said. “I had so much fun getting closer with my theatre teacher, Mrs. O’Connor, making new friends and reconnecting with old ones.” Steinlauf exemplifies the capability of balancing her life with work, while pursuing her passions. Steinlauf also demonstrates that the way to succeed in life is by learning balance. 

“I was completely shocked but super excited to be named senior of the year. Honestly, I always saw the senior of the year as a super smart STEM kid who was going to some Ivy League school, so I was very honored to be chosen. It made me realize that I can’t keep comparing my accomplishments to those around me, because even if I’m not going to a fancy school or taking 3 AP science classes, I’m still smart and accomplished,” said Steinlauf.

All in all, before she departs from high school, Steinlauf would like to convey the following words to underclassmen as a fitting way to end her high school career:

“Get involved and don’t care so much about what everyone else thinks,” Steinlauf said. “I was so anxious as an underclassman that people would be talking about me behind my back or making fun of me. When COVID hit during sophomore year, I realized that I shouldn’t live so much of my life in fear of what people think about me, so I started applying for leadership positions and really putting my best foot forward during auditions and tryouts. Branch out to what you think you will enjoy so that you can find your home. Don’t be afraid to try anything new.”