Build Up to Season 6 for the Peaky Blinders


By the order of Netflix, Peaky Blinders is to come out on the platform on June 10, 2022. 

Peaky Blinders is a show based on a real gang with the same name from post-World War I (WWI) Birmingham, England. This gang’s trademarks include their brutal methods to get work down, and their flat caps which had a blade under the peak. Other than that, there are some historical references made throughout the show, but the majority of the storyline is nothing more than fiction.  The show is mainly depicted by the leader of the gang, Thomas Shelby, a decorated WWI veteran played by Cillian Murphy. 

During the war, Shelby was given the distressing job of digging tunnels underneath enemy lines. These experiences lead to many of his destructive behaviors throughout the show.  However, these experiences also allow Shelby to be seen as a character with unparalleled composure in situations where he faces monsters much larger than himself.

The soundtracks, Murphy’s stoic delivery, and the use of a deathly silence in many moments throughout the show also help portray Shelby’s character to the audience. His ability to be completely un-reactive in the face of danger is to be admired.

The show contains certain aspects that viewers may not appreciate. For those who do not have much of an understanding of this time period, it could be difficult to understand some of the major events throughout the show. If you find the clips of the gang walking in slow motion to be too corny, or the storyline of a small-time gangster who becomes a business magnate and a politician to be too fictitious, then this show may not be not right for you.

If you can tolerate these parts of the show, or even enjoy them, you could binge the thirty-six episodes over the first weeks of summer. Aside from the duration of time fans wait to see each newly subsequent season, season 6 is unlike any other season of the show. For the first time, Thomas Shelby is facing a problem larger than any he had faced during the previous season.

For the ending of season 4, he famously affirmed that there was no rest for him in this world, but in the trailer, he says something about “One last deal to be done, then we Peaky Blinders can rest.” This is further backed by the producers of the show informing fans of season 6 being the show’s last.

For individuals who are already fans, an interest in how Thomas solves the problem and the idea of him being able to finally rest makes the wait for season 6 seem all the more longer.