Volleyball Coach Denise Morrow Retires



Captain Chinmay Mosur ’22 gets ready to serve recieve during a match against Linden.


Physical education teacher Ms. Denise Morrow is the Edison volleyball coach set to retire this month. In her time as coach, her athletes have won numerous awards. 

While the boys team’s most recent game against Monroe was a failure, with Edison scoring one set and East Brunswick scoring two points, the game against Woodbridge was a win with Edison coming in at two sets and New Brunswick coming in at zero. The Edison volleyball team will try its hardest to win more games in the future, even though Morrow will not be there.

Morrow became a coach to help the students at Edison High. One piece of advice she gave to her volleyball team is to “try to improve on what skills you have and do not let others pull you down.” 

Numerous athletes believe they are lucky to have had her at Edison High.

“She was a mother and a coach to the team,” said Nicholas Nguyen ’23.  

As she retires and moves on into the next chapter, they hope that whatever she does will make her successful. Her contribution to the school has impacted many students.

“Try your best to be who you are not what someone wants you to be,” Morrow said.  

Edison High is happy to have her as a coach, teacher, and mentor. She did not just impact the team but also the whole of Edison High.

“She has helped the students in many ways, mainly with school work,” said Math teacher and coach Mr. Matthew McGuigan.

Her athletes know that she tries to put a smile on everyone’s face, even in the toughest situations.

“Coaches try [their] best to make sure that the team knows their mistakes and improve on them for the better,” Morrow said.