Inside Edison’s Airpods: Ultimate Summer Playlist



Spotify: the companion of students tensed during school.

With new weather comes new music, and students’ playlists have adapted to these changes. In pursuit of new sounds and moods, students’ music taste has shifted towards the songs of the summer. From songs to belt in the car or play at the beach, music has entered a new phase of the year, conquering the summer. 

The Eagle’s Eye compiled an assortment of the Eagles’ favorite summer tracks with the intent of creating Edison High School’s ultimate summer playlist. With 44 tracks by 54 artists, the playlist’s most repeated artist was Harry Styles. The playlist’s top genre was pop. The top genre being pop is consistent with the perspective of Christian Lee ‘23: “During the summer, I listen to brighter and cheerier songs, I feel less stressed so there’s no need for me to listen to sad or angry songs. Of course, there’s some exceptions though.”

For different students, summertime bears different meanings.

“Summer for me is a time of freedom, family and friends, or wherever I am. Which is why it’s when I tend to play the loudest, bass bumping, you-need-to-dance songs. These songs have the crucial role of bringing even more heat to the environment, when you and everyone are dancing and singing along, which makes some of the best summer memories,” says Sofia Correa ‘23. 

Summertime inspiring a more uplifting variety of music is a sentiment shared by Sanaya Patel ‘25 as well.

“Summertime influences my music taste because of the vibe the day gives me. Longer and brighter days give me a more nostalgic and energetic mood which is what I like my music to be as well,” said Patel.  

“In the summertime, I feel so light and I find myself purposefully choosing songs that are more uplifting. Songs I like simply because they have a good beat, or make me feel as if the sun were enveloping me,” adds Carleny Paulino Reyes.

As school comes to an end, students are relieved to be freed of homework and assignments. Therefore, several students have expressed their excitement to relax over the summer—in spite of summer work—and plan to use music to achieve this goal. 

“Over my summer, music plays a role by giving me a sense of rejuvenation and relaxation. It makes me feel like a new person…I would add more pop into my playlists since in the winter I would listen to more sad and gloomy music, and the summer makes me happier with its good vibes,” said Joyce Razouk ‘25.

Music plays in our ears and resonates in our souls. The emotional aspect of music’s influence is integral for some students. 

“So as an only child, I don’t always have people to talk to or interact with in the summer. I use music to comfort and just enjoy time by myself or use it to enhance my daily tasks and, overall, better my life. It has also helped me connect with people both online and in person. I have been able to make friends that I can talk to whenever I want to,” said  Sharan Sabarish ‘23. 

There is no denying the power of music to amplify a strong summer vibe.

Isrrael Mojardin ‘23 agrees.  “Music is the dopamine of summer because good music can just make you feel any emotion you want. And the emotion I pick during the summer is happiness with a bit of relaxation thrown on top of it for some extra seasoning.” 

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