Meet Your New Student Council Representatives!



Brianna Reed ’22 receiving her cord as a senior being inducted into the Student Council.


The votes have been counted, and the Student Council officers for the 2022-2023 school year are Sarina Ahmed ‘23 as president, Anish Phatak ‘23 as vice president, Christian Lee ‘23 as secretary, and Robyn Nemeth ‘23 as treasurer. In total 882 ballots were submitted, representing 52 percent of eligible student voters. According to Mr. James Napoli, Student Council co-advisor, it was the highest voter turnout in the last 5 years. 

In the next school year, Ahmed intends to work effectively and closely with her board and advisors to organize fun school events. 

“I feel incredibly grateful that my peers trust me and have confidence in my ability to be president, she said. “I greatly look forward to working with and advocating for the student body.”

“With my candidacy, I am now able to fulfill the duties that can amend the school from the previous two years and the current school year,” said Phatak. “We can inspire more school spirit and start an eco-friendly initiative that cleans up the school. Though this may not be in my jurisdiction, I believe we can also reduce the number of fights and improve the nutrition of students.”

Furthermore, Lee plans to bring higher representation and more attention to the EHS art departments as he believes that there is a lack of attention towards them. 

“I feel as if there are many announcements and other ways for more people to see athletic events, but the events that pertain to the arts are often pushed to the side. I think that artists put as much work into their craft as athletes do and there should be equality amongst the athletes and the artists,” said Lee.

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Nemeth expressed that she will strive to bring amusement to future school events and advertise them well to get more participants for the events. 

“I am pretty excited, and I think this experience will be interesting,” she said.