Entertainment Guide: Music From Around the World


Music connects people together. It is a way of connecting and expressing. As part of an educational community that values diversity, it is important for us to understand the ways each of those cultures expresses themselves. Here are five of my favorite songs from around the world: 

Está Dañada By Ivan Cornejo: This Latin American song applies elements of Latin American music with western influences. It follows a woman who has been hurt by love. She has lost faith in the world as the betrayal has numbed her to all the pain. The song applies soft elements of the guitar to a Hip Hop and Rythem and Blues beat. 

Loving You by Zinoleesky: This Nigerian love song talks about a man who has an extreme love for a woman. His love extends far beyond all things so much so that he would be willing to do anything for her. He sings about his deep affection for the woman. The musicality of the lyrics shows the deep-seated importance of loving through different actions. Zinoleesky used lyrics to paint a picture of love for his audience.  

Kannazhaga by Dhanush: This South Asian Tamil love song starts with a sitar intro and continues with the soft voice of a woman professing her love to the guy. After a man joins in expressing how he reciprocates the desire for love. They continue singing for the entire song expressing love and desire for each other. In the end, the guy commits suicide and the girl overcome by sadness sings about her grief. 

Untuk Apa by Maudy Ayunda: Soft-spoken yet powerful, Untuk Apa, talks about what love is for. How can one love without trust and honesty? Ayunda questions her relationship and love through musical expression. This Indonesian song uses several elements from Indonesian culture with a touch of Western influences. 

Sade by Adekunle Gold: This Nigerian story of love by Adekunle Gold follows the love story between a man professing his love to a girl who he has been showing interest in for some time. He talks about his desire for a wife. He continues to talk about how deeply he loves this girl. The song sung in Yoruba, begs this girl to allow Gold to marry her. The song includes key elements in Nigerian music such as the talking drum (Gangan). 

Music is an important form of expression and culture. Diversify your palate by exploring other cultures and their way of expressing love and affection.