Renovation and Renewal: Summer Brings Upgrades to EHS



Students enter the newly reopened auditorium.

The interior of the Edison High School auditorium has been torn down and is now rebuilt. As part of wider summer renovations, construction in the auditorium has brought new walls, seats, and lights. Air conditioning has also been installed, along with two video boards, a new sound system, and a fresh coat of paint on the stage. Additionally, new interactive NewLine boards have been installed in every classroom, with touchscreen displays and multiple new features for teachers to use. 

I think Edison High has the best students, so we gotta get the facilities up to the level of our kids

— Mr. Charles Ross

Aside from the auditorium, air conditioning has also been installed in the cafeteria. After the damage caused by last September’s floods, the small gym has been completely renovated, with new floors and paint. Asbestos used in the construction of the small gym has also been removed. 

The small gym, with a new floor and paint. (AVINASH ARAVIND ’23)

In addition, there has been general maintenance like any normal summer allows. Five classrooms were redone with new floors, ceilings, and lights; and the set of bathrooms across Room 222 was redone as well, similar to the previously renovated science-wing bathroom. 

While these renovations were being done, Edison High School was closed for the summer. 

“When they’re doing a lot of demo [sic] and tearing up the old floors, it’s just not a safe environment for the staff and kids to be here, which is why all the summer programs are elsewhere in the district,” said Principal Mr. Charles Ross. 

Ross believes that renovations are essential for Edison High to keep up with the times and have the physical plant match the quality of learning. 

“I think Edison High has the best students, so we gotta get the facilities up to the level of our kids. Our auditorium was last redone around 10-15 years before you guys were born. It’s basically the same seats with new seat covers, so this is like the first major refurbishment,” said Ross.

NewLine boards were installed in each classroom over the summer. (AVINASH ARAVIND ’23)

Mr. Ross believes that these new improvements will help Edison High students feel more comfortable while at school. 

“You see today… that air conditioning is important. We’re growing a little bit as a school… so the lunchroom will still be crowded, but hopefully, it will be a little more bearable with AC,” said Ross. 

The total cost of these renovations is unknown.